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Originally Posted by nekromantik View Post
Has there ever been any genuine child abuse in movies?
The child scene in In The Realm Of The Senses is optically zoomed in the UK (and quite a few other) DVD's. The recent BFI showing removed the scene completely, as did the version Ferman prepared for cinema club showings, which personally I prefer. It's placed oddly in the film and doesn't have any bearing on the story whatsoever, so cutting it completely is an improvement.

Originally Posted by 42ndStreetFreak View Post
Same with "Conan" which is a REAL FARCE. The bad cuts to the horse falls are all there, and yet the same footage is shown intact in the documentary on the same disc with the makers saying no horse was hurt!
The entire Conan The Destroyer DVD is almost unwatchable in the horsefall scenes. Especially the opening sequence. The DVD also removes the horse punch which was intact in the old cinema/video prints. The horsefall cuts in Chato's Land and (especially) Ulzana's Raid are also horrendously edited.

Interestingly Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid is intact, though the accompanying Making Of documentary is cut to remove the rehearsal shot of a horse being tripped with a wire. Presumably the film will be cut next time it's submitted to remove the finished shot (though logically TCF have no reason to resubmit it anyway).

The 'underwater rat' scene in The Abyss is also cut in the UK, despite James cameron's assurance on the DVD commentary that the rat(s) remained unharmed.
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