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I have to add my vote for The Wicker Man being not only the best British horror film but one of the best British films period. One of the outstanding aspects for me is that seems at odds with every other horror film every produced, it's true original with an ambience all of its own. Coupled with an ending that decries the so-called 'power of good' in such a strong and shocking way it's no wonder that film is still discussed with such verve 37 years later.

I too have spent a couple of holidays in the area tracking down the locations, thankfully not a hard task due to its status. The track to Ninian's Cave is an absolute must as the beach itself is otherworldly as the film itself. Anworth was another stunning location that is instantly recognisable. There is still a small round delve in the grass where the maypole was situated!

One of my bosses friends was a kid in the area at the time and was actually one of the kids dancing round the maypole. Alas I have never met him to quiz him about the filming.
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