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In which case I don't think that it is anybody's place to decide what it is an unnecessary sequence in a movie.

Dario is the only one who knows why that scene was included and no-one else has the right to decide whether it is unnecessary or not. Everyone will have their own opinions on the scene.

Some will decide to buy Arrow, others will look abroad for a release, but we don't have the right to make anyone feel guilty about not buying it.

All that can be done is for the public to support these releases. The rest is up to them.
And once I've waited long enough for the US or Europe to release it uncut I will buy the Arrow release.

I know it makes for good press to support the efforts of Arrow but in all honesty Blue Underground do an equally good job and it was a hard job deciding which release of City/Living Dead to go for .
IN the end it was price although now having got the Arrow release the little bonuses like poster , cards, booklet etc make me glad I chose it as they put a lot of effort into this title