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What i will say is that Arrow should be given a chance. The words "never" "buy" and "arrow" have shown up on a number of pages in this forum and it is easy to see why. For too long the UK has been starved of decent releases of these movies. You have commented on the City disc, i know others have enjoyed the Dawn and Day releases. Look at what the previous UK versions of these were and tell me that we are not beginning to enjoy better times for these films.

I will admit that I don't know what my status with this release of Inferno (not having bluray and owning the aforementioned AB disc) will be. This will depend on how I feel at the time of release about the extras (the sole selling point for me), but I won't say that i will never buy Arrow discs because I already own these titles.

Yes I own most of them, but as technology moves on, better restoration is done (compare now to old EC discs) & some companies are willing to spend money on the releases.

So if the opportunity to upgrade to better quality, i will consider it. It would be my choice and no-one will force it upon me.
The only reason I will never buy an Arrow dvd is because I'm doubtful they will release anything I don't already have on dvd.(I'm more than happy to be proved wrong)

I know the Dawn of the Dead release was excellent.
Had the original promise of the Argento cut in HD come to pass I would have bought it.

As I have the Anchor Bay 4 dvd set aswell as their Bluray of the Theatrical version I could not justify buying the Arrow version ... and I did look at the extras long and hard but I couldn't see anything tempting that I didn't already have .