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Originally Posted by phelings View Post
The only reason I will never buy an Arrow dvd is because I'm doubtful they will release anything I don't already have on dvd.(I'm more than happy to be proved wrong)

I know the Dawn of the Dead release was excellent.
Had the original promise of the Argento cut in HD come to pass I would have bought it.

As I have the Anchor Bay 4 dvd set aswell as their Bluray of the Theatrical version I could not justify buying the Arrow version ... and I did look at the extras long and hard but I couldn't see anything tempting that I didn't already have .

After having imported discs for many years, I too share the same concerns, but I won't ignore any future releases from them.

A lot of the discs issued by certain American companies have came with a short featurette running around 15 minutes and trailers. Certain famous titles, such as The Beyond have had the special edition treatment in the past and I can't wait to see what Arrow have lined up for this release as the US disc will be difficult to beat.

There are always opportunities for Arrow but they will have to consider what titles to release as they will always have to compete against established companies. If they are willing to invest money in the right titles and extras, then there will be reasons to buy / upgrade and if so then it will be for the fans to decide.