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Originally Posted by phelings View Post
I have to say that in general I have often been disappointed with Anchor Bays extras on the Italian films.

The extras for Deep Red and Inferno are not substantial and while The Beyond was pretty good it can easily be beaten by a good documentary.

The exceptions were Suspiria (50 mins) and Opera (35mins).

But I'm sure I'm not alone in my number one concern being the film must be uncut.

Remember the UK dvd of Last House On the Left in 2003.
Great set of extras but the 30 seconds of cuts rendered the release less important and the uncut R1 was still the disc to buy (until the uncut UK release of course)
That cut AB disc would be impossible to sell for 10p at a boot sale.

With the likelihood of uncut releases of films in other countries it makes the cut ones less desirable to buy .

Anyway , we could keep going round in circles on this one and as the cuts only affect 2 films that I know of it seems a storm in a teacup and if the info I saw posted elsewhere is correct that Deep Red is dvd only I won't be interested anyway even if the extras are outstanding which I'm sure they will be

I do indeed remember the AB Last House disc. I purchased it for the extras despite then owning the uncut US and French discs. Followed shortly by the German 2-disc and now the 3-disc UK version (which had a great cover for David Hess to write on in Edinburgh)

Censorship is the one factor that UK companies don't have control over and yes the subject will arise again. Anchor bay UK and other companies have run into that issue and have had to battle through the appeals process. I only hope that Arrow chose to do the same to defend these titles where necessary instead of accepting defeat at the first hurdle.