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Originally Posted by phelings View Post
I also ask what cuts of this nature are done for? What do they achieve?
Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
When I asked them recently about their stance on sexual violence, and I Spit On Your Grave in particular, they replied with some garbled nonsense about how it might affect someone...somewhere...but they don't know who or why and have no actual evidence to back up these claims...but it *might* cause harm to some unkown individuals. I asked them to specifically state who was at risk and they couldn't answer me. Can anyone cite an actual case where someone has committed the crime of rape after watching a film like I Spit On Your Grave..?
See that's the thing, esspecially in terms of I Spit On Your Grave. If anything, people are repulsed by this sort of thing (rape, violence) and it would be highly unlikely that they would then procede to go out and commit such acts. Personally I think it raises awareness that horrible things do happen out there. These films are certainly not promoting these acts.

The fact the the BBFC cannot give a specific reason for such cuts just shows that there is no real need for them.