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Even though I was one of the few who did appeal the cuts too via e-mail, I'd be very surprised if the bbfc reversed their decision to be honest.

Unless it can be proven that the scene in question was a natural act, and not staged for the camera (very unlikely) then my take on it is that the cut will stay, as the bbfc are only following the law in respect of the animal cruelty act (albeit a very ambiguous and sometimes vague law). So... don't hold your breath!

Although, cut or no cut I'll definitely be picking up the Arrow release. As I've mentioned before, while it's disappointing that Inferno didn't make it through 100% uncut, for 5 seconds of cat on mouse action I am not going to boycott what is going to be a phenomenal package. The amount of work and effort that has gone into Arrow's previous releases (the blus in particular) is clear to see, and I'm sure Inferno will be no exception.