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More and more UK discs feature the Irish censors certifcate, either on the sleeve or the disc itself. In the majority of cases these are the same, but there are occasional differences with the Irish censor generally being more lenient I'd say e.g. the Mission Impossible bonus disc is rated 12 for Ireland and 15 here, as was (I think) Charlies Angels. There are one or two quite surprising differences I've noted in discs I have put can't lay my hands on them just now. I'd be interested to see what was available in Ireland and whether there are films passed there that aren't available here? Does anyone know of notable differences in UK/Irish ratings?

p.s. looking at the IFCO site I was interested to see they have more certificates than the UK including a '16' and a '15A'. Children can therefore see any film rated up to and including '15A' if accompanied by an adult.

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