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It's a nice idea Gore64 and one I'd like to pursue in some form or another if it could be done right. Most of the time you have to pay to get covermounted and that's thousands of bucks I'd rather was spent on sourcing quality film-making like Ratman!

Sometimes mags will pay for it if you give them the content free - talking of which back in the days when DVD World did cover-mounted VCDs with clips you can blame me for the stuff that was on there - I used to have a monthly panic remembering oh shite I need to pick some clips for the disc and quickly whizz through some discs and pick out some stuff.

Anyway... I have been vaguely pondering it but you've been the first to mention it. I do wonder at the value of discs - the likes of DVD Monthly have dropped their monthly DVD because these days people have DVDs coming out of their arses (well I do - ran out of shelf space a long time ago - very sad) - does anyone have time to watch freebie discs anymore? Or put it this way what would induce you to actually go to the effort of putting one in your player in this day and age? I'd be interested to see what Gore and the rest of you reckon.
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