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I'd love to have 'original' Italian tracks but it's a question of cost. We could put them on but to then pay for the subtitling just is a bit too risky as we've yet to see a profit on anything. Thing is if a few hundred people pushed hard for them we'd take that risk but this is the toughest I've ever known the UK DVD industry. Sales are good but that's for the majors selling at a few quid a time - for indies it's horrible so we're having to make choices but where fans tell us different we're happy to try.

As so few films are recorded in sync sound and for some reason English dubs for giallos often work better than dubs for say Hong Kong movies (I could never stand to listen to dubs on HKL DVDs - I always chose Cantonese) I was happy that we stick to English tracks. Even on newer films like Sleepless - I ended up going back to the English dub as at least it vaguely matched unlike the Italian track - awful!

Of course if there's someone happy to subtitle for a pittance get in touch!
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