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Originally Posted by 42ndStreetFreak View Post

If you care about something alive being killed for entertainment only..then yes. Cry a bleeding tear fro all those cockroaches and burn you "Creepshow" DVD's.
Or you "Oldboy"...poncy artistic credibility or not.

Stages of evolution has nothing to do with it. Try to stamp on a roach and it will try to get away...survival instinct.
So if you have a problem with kill any animal for fun, bleed your heart over Romero and many others as well.

But this is all garbage any way (concerning old films) because:

1) Acts have already been committed. You are not changing anything removing them..

2) IF you have a moral problem with the killing of animals for entertainment. DON'T WATCH/SUPPORT THE FILM AT ALL! Censored or not!
Anyone on here who moans about that damn lousy mouse but buys the cut "Inferno" a hypocrite. So who care what they think.

Libretio has purely joined to post on this thread only and tomfly the PETA flag and tut tut at beastly fellows.
Well they don't have to buy/support ANY DVD where a fluffy cute critter is snuffed if they do not want.
So they are happy.
So be happy and leave the rest of us to wallow in our barbarity.

And at the end of the's a damn cat eating a damn mouse! Priorities!
No doubt I can see this is something that botherd you but I am going to call on Almar to step in and ask you to start being a bit more respectful of other people's views. We're all on here out of a love of movies and we are all, I think, in agreement that Inferno's cat-mouse scene should remain intact.

Again: let's make this a civil thread.


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