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Competition Major Announcement: Shameless Backs Shit-Ray

Today 5th January 2008 Shameless Screen Entertainment announced that they would from now on back the Shit-Ray format for future releases. "We believe that consumers prefer the Shit-Ray (TM) format and from now on will release our films in a format that allows people to buy their entire collection again but without extra features as we'd then like to get them to buy their collection all over again once we've got some stumbling idiot to record a piss-poor commentary and make some back-slapping featurettes."

Shit-Ray discs are playable in your toilet by flushing the bowl and watching them spin. "We're not abandoning choice though - consumers can still directly flush their money down the toilet."

Shit-Ray is a trademark of 'We Don't Have Enough of Your Money Already Corp' and its subsiduary company 'We Know Best How To Run Your Film Collection.' The backing of the Shit-Ray format does not exclude Shameless Screen Entertainment from switching sides and making you buy your whole collection all over again.
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