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Default What Are You Currently Reading?

So we've got a thread for the films you're recently watched and recently bought as well as a thread for games you're playing and music your listening to at the moment, so why not a similar thread but for books!

Now I have to admit I'm not really a book worm at all, but I've read my fair share of books (normally always horror).

So here's a thread to post info on what book you're reading. Whether it's any good. Perhaps we could have some quite good discussions here too.

So, to kick it off I've just (tonight) started reading a rather unconventional book that goes by the name of Creature Of Havoc. "Why's it so unconventional?" I don't hear you cry. Well, because it's a gamebook rather than a straight forward fiction book. For those who don't know gamebooks are books in which the reader decides what shall happen next. The books are split into about 400+ short numbered passages and at the end of each one a choice has to be made, such as turn left or turn right, save the hobbit or stump on it's head. That type of stuff. Then the reader goes to the appropriate passage and carries on.

I used to semi-read these (giving up any time I died) when I was a kid they're part of a series of gamebooks called Fighting Fantasy (FF) and was tempted to read this one again just because of the awesome artwork. Check it out below.

So far I've died about 5 times (I officially hate elves and spears!) and had to track backwards - yes I know it's cheating but whatever! I've also killed several hobbits, several flesh-feeders and a 'clawbeast' and then proceded to eat their flesh.

It's great fun! Plus it's got pictures in too.

Anyone ever read this or any other gamebooks? I hear they were quite popular in the 80s (this one was originally published in '86) so maybe some of you read some when you were younger or whatever.

The cover of the book I have (quite possibly the scariest looking creature ever!):

The original cover of the book - to jog memories maybe:


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