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Typically, I'll start with some controversy (or monumental BS if you don't like my posting style );

In retrospect, I would have been quite happy if they had only ever been Star Wars. Yes, ESB is superb, and elements of ROTJ were good at the time. But, the godawful prequels have sullied many a happy memory for me. That said, I have enjoyed Season 1 of The Clone Wars, which is more Star Wars than any of the toy-driven, ham fisted, prequels.

You'll be glad to read that I don't have the time to list what's wrong with the prequels, other than, go to Red Letter Media and watch the video reviews of Eps 1 & 2, with 3 pending. They're hilarious and totally spot on.

Star Wars has a beginning, a middle and an end. Further adventures were unnecessary. Had Lucas given the prequels to anyone who was interested in proper screenwriting, story and making something entertaining, then we would have had films like The Clone Wars animated series and I probably wouldn't have said any of this.
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