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Right now I've had a lay down - after watching all 6 films back to back - I think I'm ready to post something that makes a bit more sense!!!

I'll always agree that Lucas took far too long to make the next three films and in doing so created too much expectation for them. He also had the problem of trying to tie the new stories into the first three. (As we all know it was his intention to make 9 films out of sequence - 4 to 6, 1 to 3, and now it loks like it will not happen 7 to 9.)

I also think he tried to make the first film to family friendly, Jar Jar served no purpose apart to piss off a lot of people - although in RotS he was the one reponcable in giving Palpatine total control.

As for the Clone Wars series the first cartoon one was pants but the 2nd and 3rd CGI / computer animated ones have been a lot better, I just wish they were a bit longer and explained one or two things more.

There is also apparantly a live action series planed a la Stargate / Star Trek for the franchise concertrating on events away from the main charactures based between ep 3 and 4, if done well this would be worth seeing more than anything else.
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