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My mum took me to Star Wars when I was 2, went to see Empire Strikes Back when it came out and the same for Return of the Jedi. All three films had an impact on my life and love for sci-fi/space travel etc.. that can't be measured. I believe it has even influenced my music taste in so much as the futuristic sounding electronic stuff i got into and started playing.

However... I now feel that George Lucas has destroyed my childhood and ruined many peoples lives with those poor excuses for prequels. I tried to like them, I tried really hard.

There is no forgiving, only pain...

Step away from the franchise you moron.

(sorry rant over.)

Being serious though, there are some great moments in the new films (like the lightsaber battle at the end of Clone Wars with Darth Maul) and as has been said, the third film isn't actually that bad. But the good stuff is far outweighed by the rubbish, especially casting that Doogie Howser whining teenager as Anakin. "But Yoda, I don't want to tidy my bedroom!"

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