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Buboven 24th December 2012 12:22 AM

Arrow DVD's Unscalable/playable on Future Tech?
Will DVD's become unplayable/unscalable on the next generation of TV's (4K) and disc player's.

I have currently the ZFE Slipcase and DVD. What I am kinda worried about is that in the future if I sell my ZFE Slipcase BluRay and only have the DVD copy left then the next tech leap from BluRay player's (perhaps 4K players?) wont be able to play the old DVD format. So if I bought the steelbook I got a BluRay that I can sell and a BluRay that I know is a future proof format for 4K (because as far as I presume 4K players would be able to upscale BluRays, (like BluRay players can upscale DVD) but crucially not standard definition DVD's. The thing is that the steelbook is now, minimally 20 quid and being a student I really dont think I can afford it!

harryd 24th December 2012 07:16 AM

Are you kidding me?! Where did you find that info???
I'm not even over the VHS->DVD switch yet and now they wanna do it again?

Looks like I'm gonna have to have 2 telly's in the future if thats the case..I still wanna keep my CRT haha, wouldn't want to imagine how bad some stuff would look upscaled that much

Frankenhooker 24th December 2012 07:41 AM

If you're debating whether you can afford the 20 steelbook, I wouldn't waste your time worrying about 4k at the minute.

The TVs are going for over 10k and as yet, there is a minute amount of content available.

4k TVs becoming common place is at least five years away in my opinion, and even then I doubt the cost will be worth the content.

8k has been trialled in Japan, so where do you stop ?

Buboven 24th December 2012 01:51 PM

So I shouldn't worry that my Arrow ZFE DVD will become unplayable/scalable/defunct in the future?

dvdaficionado 25th December 2012 02:13 AM


Originally Posted by Buboven (Post 305489)
So I shouldn't worry that my Arrow ZFE DVD will become unplayable/scalable/defunct in the future?

Viewers will benefit from the resolution (3840 2160) of a 4k Ultra High-definition television IF they watch 4k blu-rays on, at least, a 42 inch LCD/LED/Plasma or bigger-sized widescreen tv. Only then the differences are noticeable.

If we are watching a 4k blu-ray disc on a 40 inch LCD/LED/Plasma or smaller-sized widescreen television, the differences are subtle.

Unless you are planning to watch blu-rays on a 42 inch or bigger-sized widescreen tv or a home projector, there isn't any need to upgrade from blu-ray to 4k blu-rays, which are meant for those who have the tv/projector screen capable of displaying the significant jump in resolution.

As for dvds, we could watch them on a blu-ray player upscaled on a 40 inch or smaller-sized LCD/LED/Plasma tv to get the best result. However, we won't be satisfied with the picture quality if we watch them on, say, a 46 inch LCD/LED/Plasma tv, much less a 100 inch projector screen due to the limited resolution of the dvd itself. Only then a blu-ray or a 4k blu-ray disc is required to fill in the gap in the resolution.

That's my humble opinion. So no worries.

keirarts 25th December 2012 08:16 AM

I don't know how eager people will be to adopt ANOTHER format. The uptake on blu-ray was a lot slower than the industry expected, personally i'll be keeping a standard blu-ray/multi region dvd player as long as possible. I made the mistake of abandoning vhs too soon and theres a bunch of films I cannot get. I can pretty much guess theres a bunch of stuff I have on dvd that'll just vanish if the format gets abandoned.

Gojirosan 25th December 2012 09:51 AM

I can't see a point to letting the fear of technological advance stopping you enjoying films now.

By the time an essential format worthy of upgrading to comes along you might be financially comfortable or have very different priorities. Don't flap about the future. Just enjoy what you have.

I don't have surround sound, I don't have 1080P, my TV is only 26", I still watch VHS and Laserdisc if that's all I have.

Enjoy the films you have now.

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