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Nosferatu@Cult Labs 2nd February 2011 07:20 PM

Island of Death How You Discovered It
Have you been a fan a long time? Did you catch this on a rented VHS tape, a foreign DVD or were you lucky enough to see it at the cinema?

antmumford 2nd February 2011 07:26 PM

I've not seen this one yet but after watching the Video Nasties Documentary and trailers, this is the one film that stood out the most. Will definitely check it out!

PaulRobinson 2nd February 2011 07:37 PM

I watched the old video of this, years ago, after a friend of mine bought it from a car boot for pennies. I was initially excited because of the 'banned' aura but that soon faded after the opening scene in the telephone box! I sat there, mouth open, thinking 'that can't be his sister, right?'


Nosferatu@Cult Labs 2nd February 2011 07:44 PM

I haven't seen it yet but like what I've read and thought the introduction and trailer for the film, under the title Devils in Mykonos, made it one to keep my eye out for and, low and behold, Arrow announced it as one of the new releases!

Stephen@Cult Labs 2nd February 2011 07:59 PM

I discovered it at the Sinister Sunday Of Shock at the GFT. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I know I did.

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dis 2nd February 2011 08:04 PM

Hi,i got the vipco version from hmv.Basicly brought it has said"no scenes allowed as too strong for cover",or something similar.
I then found out it was cut,so got the uncut version off e bay.
Enjoyable film,bizarre in places.

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 2nd February 2011 08:17 PM

I've had the uncut German Cine Club disc for a few years now, but am going to get rid of it to make way for Arrow's disc.

IOD is definitely one of the best of the lesser known nasties. :nod:

Demoncrat 3rd February 2011 11:43 AM

this is one of favourites purely because im a right wing christian monster NOT.
along with THE HONEYMOON KILLERS its one of the few "couples" films i can watch again and again...the sheer unrelenting unpleasantness...only had chance to see it in a cut form as the original cover reminded me of THE BEAST IN HEAT (never again haha) which i thought was duuuuull ahem, so thats what i get for assuming ahem...

bedorca 3rd February 2011 03:03 PM

I can't remember where I saw it!!! :eek:

Eurosleaze 3rd February 2011 07:44 PM

I saw it on a pirate copy and was hooked. Lovely film; probably my favourite of all the nasties. I saw Blind Date and though it starred the late Gerard Kelly (out of Brookside) it didn't hold quite the same charm for me.

I love this sickly-sweet eurosleaze. If any of you know similar films / soundtracks (or even music) please let me know. I love these soppy Greek songs. :)

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