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Addicted To Films! My Journey

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Posted 23rd May 2013 at 01:11 PM by Bringer Of Funerals

Just now I have read Nosferatu's blog on how he became a film addict. Well that has made me want to write my blog on here about my journey.

Now I've never figured out where my film addiction comes from as my mam, dad or step dad don't watch many films and couldn't tell you who is who.

But my 1st foray into film and the addict came from one christmas when I was young. Mam was ironing and I sat watching TV - Father Christmas, Snowman etc when suddenly a little film starring a young Jennifer Connelly and singer David Bowie came on. As You have probably guessed by now it was Labryrinth and I was hooked to the TV as the fantasy and goblins took my mind to other places.

Then I went to my uncles who lives in Manchester and to keep me occupied as my mam and him and his wife chatted he put on the Dolph Lungdren film Masters Of The Universe and again I was hooked to the screen. I know the film has hate but at the time I thought it was brilliant.

After that the GHOSTBUSTERS craze took hold and they made 2 films which I watched and proper enjoyed. Little did I know that they would become classics. I would run round pretending to blast ghosts with my toy proton pack I had got for christmas. I also believe in ghosts so I was in my element.

Then the TMNT or Hero Turtles here took hold and the craze began. My uncle (who was married to my auntie at the time) had recorded the 1st Turtle film and I watched it and to be honest it didn't blow me away like the previous films did. I could take it or leave it. We then bought our 1st VHS recorder and funnily enough my mam bought be the Labyrinth VHS which I watched over and over which drove mother mad lol.

My dad then for christmas bought me a video player for my bedroom where every year my mam would buy me the newest Disney release - Aladdin, Basil The Great Mouse Deective etc. Where I would watch them in bed.

Now I suppose your wondering where the horror films come into play. Round about when the NES came out my grandad would babysit for me as mam went out to work in Woolworths. He had a small selection of videos - Childs Play 3, Predator, Terminator, Commando, Raw Deal, Cat's Eye etc etc.

One day when he was looking after me I asked what Cat's Eye was and he put it on which I liked because mother wouldn't let me watch horror. The image of a goblin steling the breath of a little girl sleeping and her throwing it in a fan to slice still is fresh in my memory. The week after he put on Child's Play 3 and I was hooked at all the gore. It was class. Then one night he put on Maniac Cop and I thought it was good.

The rest he had put on over time and Total Recall was the last one he put on for me to watch as someone had told my mam and she went mental with him. So when he stopped he put on Suburban Commando with Hulk Hogan in it.

Mam then bought me Drop Dead Fred and Mr Nanny and I watched them. I had a friend who's mam had taped Beetlejuice and she had asked my mam if I could watch it. She agreed as she knew I'd seen worse. When I turned 18 that was it I bought everything I could get my hands on

But what made me an addict was the release of DVD, My mam had bought me a dvd player which is the best dvd player i've had. And she had bought me 7 dvds for christmas and I became an ADDICT buying everything.

I was Global Video's best customer buying everything from Cannibal Holocaust, Zombie Flesh Eaters and other Vipco's through to soft skin films called Bare Witch Project, Sexy Scary Movie etc. Normally all in one go.

Yes as many others have claimed I also double to triple dip. I own 3 versions Of Zombie Flesh Eaters and the most ive dipped on is the Alien lot.

I own 4 versions of them. Please read my other blogs to do with Exorcist and Nosferatu etc on how I watched them
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