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Posted 20th March 2012 at 04:50 AM by GiveAgainGoldenStars

My last couple of blogs have been ones that I wrote a few years ago. I like to think that my writing has gotton better. I'll probably try to post every week from now on so If you do want more let me know. If you think its horrible and I have no place in this blog ... well thats really mean so I might just keep posting anyways.

Make Me Cry

As the sunsets and the moon is all we have to light the streets the world pauses and unknowingly lets in the creatures from the shadows so that they can play, play on our streets and play in our minds.
One of the most oblivious to such events is Mary-Sue, a young woman of twenty-six. New to her career, raised to be independent Mary-Sue strives to immortalise her name through a never-ending study of Alexander the Great. She had decided at six there was no God. She decided at seven there was no life after death and at eight that there was no such thing as anything except the work of man.
At first she was to be a scientist and studied all night long. It wasn’t until she was thirteen she heard about who she now called the Great One. His name was immortalised through history, such a man could make Julius Caesar cry. For her name to be associated with his she could live a million lifetimes over.
For Alexander she would sacrifice everything. She had already sacrificed. Every man Mary-Sue had ever grown close to she had left for they did not understand her need for knowledge. They had bored her with their roses and sonnets. She refused to see her mother in her last hour simply to read the Iliad.
Mary-Sue never regretted any of her choices in life so she never shed a tear. She was well aware of this and prided herself on her icy tear-ducts.
The sun had just started to fade as she searched her laptop, looking for information on a girl. The girl was younger then herself and already seemed to be further ahead of Mary-Sue in her studies. The more Mary-Sue read about the girl the more comfort she felt “Clearly,” she mumbled to herself “this girl will be married and with child before she is thirty, then no doubt she will have to take care of domestic duties and be of no threat to anyone”.
She did not realise someone was watching her, but then again how could she? Mary-Sue was frozen in time gazing at her computer screen; unaware of the evil surrounding her. She did not he the cackle she did not hear the rhyme, she could not see the creatures slither around her feat, she did not feel there bite and did not smell the sulphur hanging in the air.
“You are cursed” whispered the spirit as she collected her snakes “to live an hour longer then freeze forever in time”
Moments later as the world resumed and the spirits returned to their homeland Mary-Sue began to feel itchy. She scratched her leg and it seemed to get worse. She scratched and scratched and nearly shed a tear with the pain. No, she would not cry. However, she may bleed. As Mary-Sue pulled away she felt the cold blood running from her finger tips down along her hand and onto her wrists.
She cared little for her injury; she cared however for her white leather lounges. She raced to the bathroom to bandage the area.
As she washed the blood from her fingers she admired the ruby coloured patterns it formed in her sink until it almost spelt the word ‘why’. She suddenly looked up to see the reflection of her mother standing behind her in the mirror. “Why” she heard echoing in her ear as she stood at the bathroom sink. Jumping back in fright the image seemed to disappear, the image would have spooked her for a moment but when she blinked her eyes she knew she was haunted. Across the pristine clean blue and white bathroom the word ‘why’ was written in blood. It vanished just as quickly as it came only to be replaced by the words “I’ll make you cry”
“NO!” she screamed and raced out the door and raced for the phone. With her hand barely a centimetre from the device it began to ring “Hello” she answered “look I’ve got to call the police call back later” she quickly clicked end call only for the phone to ring again.
“I’m sorry” said the voice on the other line “why?”
“What?” replied Mary-Sue.
“Why do you need to call the police?”
“I have an intruder, I think”
“That’s no good; tell me did they make you cry?”
“Who is this?” Asked Mary-Sue as the voice began to laugh.
“You know who I am Mary-Sue, I thought you were smart enough to recognise me” said the voice calmly pausing to see if Mary-Sue would respond “no guesses? Okay then I’m you.”
Mary-Sue hung up the phone quickly, yet it continued to ring. She pulled her mobile out of her back to find nothing but a dead battery; she turned to her laptop to find the battery had run empty. Eventually she had enough of the phone ringing and pulled it from the wall. The noise stopped.
She sighed with relief and walked to her front door. The handle seemed to be stuck, or maybe the door was locked? She took the keys out of the bowl and tried to unlock the door. The keys turned but the door would not budge. It had to be a trick. She went to hit a button on the intercom as desperate attempt for assistance but found it too seemed to be drained.
She slowly turned around to the sound of ringing, she could see by the blank screen it was not her mobile. It could only be the phone.
She raced to the sliding doors which lead to the balcony she tried to open them but they wouldn’t budge she ran to every room in the house to try the windows but neither would they. She ran back to the main room and through a foot stool at the glass panels, but it only bounced off.
“What do you want” she screamed into the phone as she picked it up
“My I do have you trapped” laughed the voice
“You’re not going to make me cry” she said “You might make me scared but you won’t make me cry”
“But I do” the voice suddenly turned childish “I’ve been with you all your life, the fear is only for fun’
“You’re lying” she replied, although at this point she was more scared then she’d been in the last fifteen minutes, for what if this was no illusion, what if there was someone behind it, what if they knew something about her. What if someone had power over her life?
The child’s voice continued “Don’t be mean to me” sobbing then came from the child.
“That was uncalled for” the voice was now that of her own “Making poor young Mary-Sue cry, I must do the same for you Mary-Sue the Great”
Once again Mary-Sue hung up the phone only for it to continue ringing “Help” she started to shout “I’m trapped, Help me” There where people living above and below her yet none of the seemed to answer her calls “Help I’m trapped in apartment thirteen, HELP!”
She when began to bang the floor and the ceiling while shouting, she screamed and banged until her voice wore out. She then raced around the edges of the apartment banging on the walls; she proceeded with caution around her bust of Alexander then continued along the wall until she reached the glass panels. She began to bang and moved along slowly despite the feeling of glass in her feet.
Then the whole world seemed to freeze, it was as though the glass was no longer there to support her. She had the sensation of falling forward, it felt as though she hit her head and everything went black.
When she came too she was lying on her bed. Surely the trauma had all been a dream. Then she heard the phone. She raced to the main room and picked it up, it was the voice again “Five minutes left before I make you cry”
This time she didn’t bother hanging up instead she heard the constant sound of laughing. She felt like she was being led to the lounge where she sat and stared. The minutes passed slowly and she felt helpless and alone.
Eventually the laughter stopped and the two voices spoke in unison “Time to start the countdown 10” Mary-Sue looked up “9” she turned to her bust of Alexander “8” It began to wobble “7” she screamed “6” she tried to run but something had a hold of her arm “5” she managed to pull away and began racing for the statue “4” It was too late the statue hit the ground “3” she collapsed to her knees “2” A single tear slid down the side of her face “1” A piece of glass cut her heart from inside “Goodbye” moments latter she was dead.

“We’re sorry about the hold up” said the paramedic to a short round man “This has never happened before, for some reason our power crashed out every time you rang, not to mention all the weird things we saw on the way here, we had to make three detours.”
“Its okay” said the man “You did what you could, I didn’t know the girl, personally I thought she was a snob. She never said hello or anything. Now I know it must have been a mental condition, she didn’t even notice us come in she kept screaming about not being able to get the door open, the thing was wide open and that window had been smashed. Not to mention every other window and door had been opened wide up”
“Did you call the police” asked the paramedic
“Yes I did” answered the man “I was in the hall on the phone trying to get through while the young girl, George and Maggie tried to settle her down. They still haven’t arrived though; it’s been almost an hour now”
“Right so who are these people?”
“George and Maggie live in the apartment directly underneath and the girl I think is a friend. She’s very upset apparently she went to ring earlier and was worried something might be wrong, she dove here right away.”

The girl sat next to the body of Mary-Sue until she was lifted into a body bag. “How could she not see us?”
“Peggy, sometimes these things just happen, people don’t realise where they are what they’re doing” replied Maggie
“It was like she was under a spell” said the girl named Peggy
“More like drugs” chuckled George. The two girls flashed him a look of disapproval “What” he said “she wasn’t very nice. I’m not going to lie about her because the witch has carked it, and what was this obsession with Alexander the Great anyway?”
“She was a historian” sobbed Peggy “she spent year’s studying him, everyone told me to be wary of her. Everyone said she was horrid but I looked up to her so much I hoped we could work together. I thought she didn’t know me but she did she had my profile up on her laptop when we walked in”

And so Mary-Sue was remembered in the local newspaper. Her time line had been cut and all that was left of her life was frozen in a morgue. She had been frozen in time.

Oh and Iprobably should mention I don't mind critism especially if it involves tips.
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