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Pumpkin and Picture Uploading Questions Solved HERE :D

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Posted 30th October 2009 at 02:28 PM by iluvdvds@Cult Labs

Hey hey hey! Need help pumpkin carving? It's easy! Need help uploading pictures - no problemo - hopefully this blog will help out


Right, first off you need; A PUMPKIN! (no sausage, Sherlock!) the bigger the better - if you've got a Tesco's near you they're selling them for £1! But you can find them everywhere - super cheap too - and a lot of fricken fun!

You'll also need a knife, a spoon, and if you want to be really swarve a little serated knife, almost like a file. If you've got a poundland anywhere newar you, I'd recommend the pumpkin carving set - it's get everything you need and a bunch of other crap in it too - only a pound!

First off, get your pumpkin and figure out what you want on it. Be it the traditional Jack-O-Latern with that demonic smile or something completly different. In fact, I'd suggest drawing the design onto the pumpkin first. And colouring in all the bits your going to carve out.

Next get your big ol' friendly knife and jam it straight into that poor little pumpkins head. Make a circle big enough right aroung the pumpkin's stork bit thing. Look - I'm not a pumpkin expert! Once you've done a full circle, give the circle a good ol' wiggle and bash it around until it breaks free.

Now you've got a pumpkin with a whole in the top. IT'S TIME TO RIP OUT IT'S GUTS! Get your spoon and dig in there - ripping and pulling and slicing and snipping and scraping it's innards out. Don't you luv it? Scissors can come in handy here too for all those tough bitches that won't come out. Pop all the juicy guts into a pot or bag or whatever and do with it what you will. Make a pie! Brew a soup (or whatever you do with soup)! Or lob it at the chavvy trick or treaters like I plan to do. Good times!

Now make sure the pumpkin is basically empty. The inside should be more or less white inside, keep scraping away with that spoon until you think you've done enough.

Now here comes the cutting. Get your knife, pick a section that needs removing iin your design (the bits you coloured in) and stab that friggen pumpkin. That's it! Grr! Now, cut out that section! Wahoo!

Keep doing this until you've finished your design. Try using different knife sizes too - small ones are excellent (a good reason to get the £land set).

Once the design is done, simply file away at it, making sure that the edges are nice and smooth and look nice and pretty. Awww.

Slot the pumpkin lid back on and...oh wait the lid's just plopped through. Ah just give it a little twist and it should hold.

To light it you could use the good ol' traditional candle or a glow stick! Whichever!

EASY PEASY! And a lot of fun too!

A Dummy's Guide To Uploading Pictures onto this forum

So, you've got a picture of your pumpkin on your computer (either you've snapped it with a digital camera or even scanned a photo of it in). But how do you get it uploaded onto the internet. And what the flamingo is an 'uploading' :S

Wells there's two ways I use.

First, Cult Labs uploading. Simply post on a thread such as the Halloweeny Weekly Comp one, then scroll down the page and you'll see under 'Attach Files' a button called 'Manage Attachments'

Click it. (Go on - you know you want to! Mwahaha!)

Next, a new little window will pop up. Click 'Browse'. Find your picture in the next window that pops up. Click open and then click 'Upload'! Wait a couple of seconds and badda bing badda boom baby - you're pictures been uploaded. Simply click ' close this windon' and submit your post like normally.

OR the other way is...

head onto www, - sign up or in.

Once you've done this simply click the big blue button ' Upload Images and Videos' - once again find the image in the window which pops up. Click open. Wait for it to upload and wahey!

That's that bit done. To get it onto the forums, simply hover your mouse over the picture you've just uploaded on the PhotoBucket website and a little menu will appear. Click the 'IMG Code' bit, copy it, and then paste it into your post on the forum.

Job done!

Give yourself a pat on the back. Moo!
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