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R.I.P Dr Harris.

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Posted 3rd April 2011 at 04:29 PM by keirarts

It is our sad duty at this time to report the tragic death of esteemed new orleans physician and good samaritan Dr harris who died yesterday evening in what police are describing as a 'freak glazing accident'. Originally named simon hull the good doctor changed his name to Harris to avoid any connections with his now famous yautsman brother Brian hull (pictured below) who died in a now legendary Zombie outbreak on the remote carribean island of matool.

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asked about it some years ago Harris remarked "that was brian to a tee, try as he might he just couldent shake that bad luck, me I always had great luck, Brian offered to let me come along but I turned him down, you wouldent catch me anywhere near a zombie hotspot, i'm just too smart for that"

After graduating top of his class in high-school DR harris attended the Miskatonic medical school in Arkam county where he excelled at all of his classes, and was personally congratulated by the now late dean hallsey.
Miskatonic was also where he bagan working on the now legendary brainwave device, designed to detect brainwaves in the recently deceased Harris was renowned for spending much of his time in the morgue testing his theories. Interviewed for the student newspaper he was asked about the experiments, he replied "some people say i'm thick looking for brain activity in the dead, but i'll show them!" though he refused to ever elaborate on his studies.
Little was Harris to know that a junior student at the university, inspired by his work would end up causing one of the biggest tradgedy's in the schools history resulting in the deaths of numeous staff and faculty members including Dean Alan hallsey himself.
Herbert west had never publicly acnowledged Harrises influence on his studies, but it was well know that Wests intrests lay in a similar direction. Fortunately Harris had graduated by the time the zombie outbreak occured and avoided a horrible fate, the famous harris luck had struck again...

"to avoid two zombie outbreaks, lets just say i'm a pretty blessed guy!" he joke in an interview. "That west kid looked like trouble I knew it, I just wish i'd said something"

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Herbert west.

After graduating top of his class, Harris had the pick of jobs and at first it looked like he might establish a small practice in the sleepy town of Dunwich, only a few hours Drive from the miskatonic. When asked in an interview why he had ultimately turned down the job, he replied candidly...

"the Dean of folklore at Mikatonic U told me there was a gateway to hell somewhere around those parts, so I turned them down flat, i've said it before I dont mess with zombies man!"

Once again the harris luck paid off, as Dunwich was rocked by a zombie outbreak that nearly wiped the town off the map....

Instead Dr. Harris decided to take up residency at the new orleans general hospital to work alongside the now missing presumed dead Dr John mcCabe.

"I know New orleans has all those voodoo associations, but I'm a lucky guy, and John lets me test my brainwave machine whenever I want" said Harris when asked what he thought of his new post.
Harris settled in comfortably to new orlean life, his resemblance to the famous award winning actor Al cliver ment he found popularity with the women, something he never fully exploited preffering quiet time with his friend the plumbers.

"mcCabe is the ladies man, he spends most of his off duty time trawling the bars looking for blondes, thats not my scene, I have some good friends I play cards with and thats about it really.."

The plumbers, Joe the plumber, his wife Mary-ann the plumber and his daughter Jill all now tragically desceased in what has been described as 'suspicious circumstances' by local police, proved to be good friends to Harris, and though he continued with his studies on the brainwave machine, Harris also branched out and found new interests..

"I tried writing the great american novel, but it didn't work out" Harris said in a conversation with this journalist. "I gave a copy to that creepy old bookseller, he read it but kept giggling to himself, I wouldent mind but it was supposed to be a thriller..."

It was at this point Harris threw himself into the training of guide dogs. His good friend Joe was a fundamentalist christian who'se local church supplied guide dogs to the blind and Harris agreed to voluenteer to help training them.

"it's pretty easy really, my first dog was a huge success, he went all the way overseas to some blind german pianist working at a girls ballet school,he seemed pretty pleased so I carried on training dogs."

Harrises last dog, Dickie proved hugely reliable, and rather go overseas was donated to Emily, the strange blind girl that lives at the crossroads.

"we think she's a squatter or something, but no one has the heart to turf her out, instead we made sure she had dickie to take care of her, its classic good old fashioned new orleans hospitality"

Harrises good deeds extended to humans as well, Local dogsbodies martha and her son arthur who had several convictions for underware theft were helped find employment through the church at the local seven doors hotel, which was due to open until the owner Liza merril also dissapeared, the same night as John McCabe, and the same night as Harrises untimely death.

Dean hallsey had said of Harris..

"the tragedy of Harris is he's a fairly unmemorable chap, yet he does more than any of us, its my fear that he may one day be forgotten."

Trgically Harrises luck ran out, and died from a freak explosion of glass from a door, that one coroner remarked...

"defies all known laws of physics"

R.I.P Dr Harris, you will be missed.

Just my little tribute to one of the unsung heroes of Fulci's the beyond.

P.s by the Arrow disc.. its great!
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