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Most wanted.

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Posted 13th May 2011 at 05:54 PM by keirarts

Firstly just want to say on here..."welcome back dark side!"

Dark side magazine has been a rgular purchase by me since the halcyon days of rooting through cardboard boxes at car boot sales as a surly teen looking for illicit uncut thrills. A dedicated genre magazine with excellent retrospective articles on classic genre pictures, reviews, censorship watch and much more its been a part of my life. It was a real shame when last year, the magazine stopped turning up at my local newsagents. It was funny because it was a guarenteed seller and he was never one to kick cash out of bed. I feared the worst and assumed that it was the first victim of the economic collapse, as it was never a massive publication and more a labour of love from its editor allen bryce and the journalists who wrote for it.
Well know its back and i want anyone reading this to go out and buy it. Its the longest running genre magazine in the uk and a must read, and I feel no shame whatsoever in plugging it blatently like the massive fanboy I am.
(also callum waddell has contributed articles including interviews with wes craven and lloyd kaufman of troma!) a link to their website.

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Anyhoo... now the blatant plugging has been done back to topic.

I notice that a common and popular topic on these forums is titles people would like to see released, and as i'm more than happy to jump on any bandwagon, plus have many, many titles i'd like to see in shops, I thought i'd give it a go!

1: The Michele soavi collection.

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Ok, this one is my personal fanboy request. more than any other director who worked in genre filmmaking in italy, the filmography of Michele soavi deserves a definate reappraisal.

Hist cinematic debut Stagefrightr Aguarius basically got me into italian filmmaking and remains a personal favourite. He followed this up with Dario argento written/produced The church, one of the most underrated horror movies to come out of italy in the late eighties. After this he made the sect, a supurb occult mystery with manson family overtones, and then the legendary surreal masterpiece cemetary man (dellamorte dellamore). Soavi was working in an industry in rapid decline, where even the work of his mentor argento was not as good as it once had been, yet he managed to produce four genuinely visonary visually arresting masterpieces. He's still working, these days mainly on italian tv movies, (not seen them, but wouldent mind) and some of his films like The church and cemetary man are out stateside. Tragically at the moment only stagefright is available in the uk from vipco. (dont let that dissuade you, its one of their better discs in terms of picture quality) I would happily argue that soavi is one of the last truley great directors of italian genre filmmaking.

2:Anthropophagus/Absurd double bill.

Yeah, I know their released stateside, one in a fantastic release by shriek show (anthropophagus) and one in a dubious but servicable release from mya (Absurd, released as monster.) But surely shameless would love to take these films on?!
Once upon a time both were 'video nasties' but today, when put againt the worst excesses of saw or hostel they look pretty tame and if new yourk ripper can get past with minimal cuts I have no idea at all why these couldent. Personally I find both films highly underrated, their not perfect by any means but they are an awful lot of fun!

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3:sweet angel mine.

Not one many have heard of, it was a low-budget wicker man-style canadian horror released in this country on vhs about 11 years ago. At the time I was upgrading my collection to dvd so I didn't bother buying it. The dvd never materialised.
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typical really, nontheless it was a great little movie with plenty of mystery and a killer ending and I would buy it immediately if only someone somewhere would get their arses into gear!


Already a thread about this one, but I fully agree. Not available here since the early days of avco embassy its an enteraining canadian horror well worth re-issuing.

4:visiting hours.

Another nasty, this one undeserved of its reputation. Its actually a rather well done examination of mysogyny with a chilling central performance from michael ironside. The anchor bay us disc is phenomenally expensive these days so a re-issue is well in order!

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5. Giallo in venice.

Probably awful, but i'd like to see what the fuss is about. apparently vile.


I know its out but come on pete jackson... surely a special edition is in order!?

Theirs loads more, and i'll probably make another list (including the ultra reare boogens)

but if anyone can deliver....??
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  1. Old Comment
    Pete's Avatar
    GIALLO IN VENICE is pretty sleazy but not as bad as people say. I doubt we'll see it on dvd anytime soon as apparently the rights owner has no interest in doing a deal with anyone.

    It would be cut if it were ever submitted to the bbfc.
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    Posted 13th May 2011 at 06:32 PM by Pete Pete is offline
  2. Old Comment
    keirarts's Avatar

    I suspected as much, its mainly for curiositys sake more than anything. I really want to know how much worse than new york ripper the film could be.
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    Posted 14th May 2011 at 12:35 AM by keirarts keirarts is offline
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