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Pedromonkey's DVD Review Corner.....

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Posted 8th December 2009 at 08:28 PM by pedromonkey

Ive decided that with the reviews ive written actually have nothing what so ever to do with the actual dvd, so from now on it's just gonna be Pedromonkey's Movie Review corner. This will basically be indepth reviews of the films that i have watched recently, be it Action, Horror, Sci-fi etc...

So welcome Laddles and Jellyspoons to the all new


I have been mulling it over and have come to the conclusion that most of us have probably already seen Transformers 2 and Terminator salvation so im not going to review them. As the Damage Depot is picking up speed im going all the way back to 1982 for a nostalgic review of one the coolest films ive ever seen....


Aahhhh! the 80s, what a great decade that was, wasn't it....i was born in the eighties, 1983 to be exact. One year before i entered this world a small film starring Sylvester Stallone was released...that film was FIRST BLOOD. Stallone had made a few films prior to this including the triple Oscar wining Rocky and it's first two sequals, then Nighthawks, F.I.S.T and WW2 footie movie Escape to Victory, but it wasn't until 1982's First Blood that Stallone confirmed his status as an action hero. He came before Schwarzenegger, before Willis and Lundgren and Van Dammn, he was the original 80s action man, sure Bronson and Lee Marvin were still churning them out but Stallone brought more of a bruteforce to the
genre. Chuck Norris was killing 'em first, but never achieved the status Stallone ever did.

So when First Blood came along with it's gurilla warfare chase plot, with Stallone as the battle scarred vietnam vet John J Rambo, who just discovers his best friend has died from cancer, He's ready to blow, but when he attempts to enter a small town he get's vcitimised by the doesn't take much to push him over the edge. Rambo Escapes from the sheriffs office and comandeers a dirt bike speeding through the town towards the forrest that surrounds it with the sheriff in hot pursuit.

What proceeds is a 1 against 100 type guerilla war with rambo who has switched on survival mode and finds dispatching of cops an easy chore. The pentagon get wind of this and send in Rambo's old commanding officer, Col. Troutman. He keeps trying to warn the sheriff that Rambo is unstoppable and that they would not win, but does the sheriff listen?......NOOOOO!!!

The film ends with Rambo comandeering a national guard supply truck and re-entering the town where. armed with an M60 mounted machine gun which he ably manages to carry around, proceeds to shoot the shit out of the town. He blows uo a gas station and has a face to face with the ruthless sheriff out to stop him. The film ends with Rambo breaking down in a monologue about the harsh brutal times he spent in vietnam and the friends he lost.

Onto the cast.....

John J Rambo is played of course by Sylvester Stallone, who after the success of Rocky once again proves he can actually act. He's Tough, Unremorseful and full of hate and fear. He's just a man at the end of the day and hsi portrayal of the tortured war hero is intense and honest. This is a Highlight of Stallone's career to date...

As Sheriff Will Teasle, Brian Dennehy, is ruthless, relentless and obssessed with cacthing Rambo, a role which he plays all too well, When you think of Dennehy, you forget that during the 80s he was a big box office draw staring in hits such as F/X: Murder by Illusion, staring opposite Brian Brown, Coccoon,
Silverado, Best Seller
and Gorky Park with the late Lee Marvin, this guy was big. He excells here in one of his first main roles.

Then there's Richard Crenna as Col. Troutman. Rambo's Former commanding office, although the role isn't exactly big, Crenna manages to pull of the weary old officer who trained the lost killer and knows all to well what he's capable of. There are some other well known faces including future CSI:Miami actor David Caruso, Twin Peak's Chris Mulkey and Miami Vice's Michael Talbot. The supporting acts all manage to hold the film in their own way.

The direction by Ted Kotcheff, helmer of dead body comedy Weekend at Burnie's, is good, it flows well, the establishing shots of the town and the cold mountains that surround it are breath taking and i imagine that it would look extra ordinary on Blu-ray.

The Script by Stallone, David Morell and Michael Kozoll, is tight, the dialog is good and the final monologue, Which im guessing was written by Stallone is heartfelt and upsetting.

This was a film where as the three sequals were 'movies'. It's just sad that after the realistic brutality of the first film, the rest descended into OTT bodycount counting Braindead Action movie, i say this but i still love the bloody things.

well there we go....that's my Review for First Blood, a film i remember very well from my childhood and a film that will never be matched again. Im not going to rate this but i'll leave you with this quote...

"let it go...just let it go. or i'll bring you a war you won't believe'....till next time....peace out
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  1. Old Comment
    Pete's Avatar
    Great review Mr P!

    btw i haven't seen Terminator Salvation or Transformers 2!
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    Posted 16th December 2009 at 04:58 PM by Pete Pete is offline
  2. Old Comment
    pedromonkey's Avatar
    well i can still do one for each film, but to be honest i was gonna do a Silent night deadly night one and one for Dawn of the dead (original)
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    Posted 19th December 2009 at 09:47 PM by pedromonkey pedromonkey is offline
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