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Pedromonkey's movie review corner

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Posted 30th December 2009 at 01:20 AM by pedromonkey
Updated 30th December 2009 at 11:35 PM by pedromonkey

It's that time of the year when we look back at the films that have graced the screens in 2009. This year has been a fantastic year for Genre movies which make a change from previous years. This year we've had awesome Sci-fi with the likes of District 9, Moon and Terminator Salvation, Some Descent horror remakes like My bloody Valentine to original horror movies like Trick'r'Treat and the Hills run Red. There has also been some Duds this year with the fourth installment of The final Desitination and Twilight: New Moon. So in honor of the fast approaching new year i look back at the best of 2009 in my opinion. So hold on to your hats and enjoy this look back at the wierd and wonderful films that have graced our screens and dvd players over the last 12 months...

PEDROMONKEY'S TOP 10 OF 2009!!!!!!!

So here we go. At N0.10 is......


The final acting role of Clint Eastwood is a fantastic swan song, as Clint plays grizzled Korean war Vet Walt Kowalski, not only is this film at times heart breaking it is also darkly funny, so because of this it gets my no.10 position in this list.


Taken is a film that came from nowhere and became a huge hit. the film stars Liam Neeson as a retired CIA operative who's daughter gets kidnapped by Sex Slave traders in france, this sets Aslan off on a mission of revenge against these men while he frantically searces the city for his daughter. A pretty straight foward plot, but that's only one part of this film, The others are the brutal fights and shootouts and Liam Neeson playing against type as a badass Jason Bourne type character. This is one of the highlights of 2009 and a complete surprise. that's why it gets No.9.


WHAT'S more intriguing than jesus Vs Vikings, well this film is that film, a cross between predator and Beowulf, staring Passion of the christ's James Caviezel as kainan an alien who crashlands in viking era Norway while transporting an evil creature known as a Morwen across the galaxy. what follows is Kainan teaming up with the local viking horde to track down and kill the morwen by combining Viking age weaponary with futuristic alien weaponary. This film is totally bad ass, vikings and aliens....


The problem i have with the number 7 slot is that i couldn't decide between D13:ultimatum or Crank 2 so i decided to do a joint No.7. Two massivly adrenaline fueled fight fests that at the end of the day are just sit down switch off entertainment of the highest caliber. check them both out.....


I know I know, what on earth is a summer blockbuster doing on your top 10 list pedro?, well it's simple, i abso-****ing-lutely loved this film, It's the most mindnumbingly awesome film i've seen, sure it's not going to win any oscars but hey, it's G.I joe. i loooove this film....anyone who's red my review can see how awesome i thought this film was.


This is a late Edition to the list, this is a very, very good, re-imaging of a 70s crime classic, here's why i loved this film. 1. John Travolta. he owns this film, he's back on Face/Off form, playing a character that's not that far removed from Castor Troy. He kills without remorse and has a very foul mouth. 2. Tony Scott's direction as usual is very good but at least this time he's lost the stooooopid jump cuts 3. Brian Helgeland's script is very good, he's the man responsible for Mel Gibson's Awesome revenge flick and point blank remake Payback and 4. it's all set in realtime. very cool crime movie.....


This was my horror film of the year, Sam Raimi returns to the genre that made him famous. and my god is it a return. As with the evil dead films Drag me to Hell has a fair amount of Slapstick violence, and floating demons, but it's the perfomance by Alison Lohman as the lead that i found facinating. she was cast after juno actress Ellen Page dropped out and i think she has done a better job than Page would have done. i just loved this film and i hope that after Spiderman 4 Raimi comes back to horror again.


Moon is the type of film that only come around every ten years or so, a completely original genre movie that has a good story, good acting, good direction and is very involving, it keeps you glued to the screen. Director Duncan Jones's debut is a clever sci-fi tale of a man who thinks he's going mad while being the only man on the moon but it turns out to be something all together more sinister. Press Reviews had stated that this film belongs up there with 2001, Solaris and Silent runnings as thoughful engrossing Science Fiction. At the core of this film is Sam Rockwell, an actor who i have detested since i first saw him in Galaxy Quest, but after viewing his phenomenal Performance in this i am more than willing to view any of future films. A Brilliant film from a director to watch who is coincidentally David Bowie's Son, Highly Recommended.


Quentin Tarantino's Quasi Remake of Enzo G Castellari's 70's Nazisploitation movie is remarkable. A Truely marvellous film from start to finish, it's violent, Emotional, Funny and has one of the most evil characters since Harvey Kietel's Bad Liutenant in the despicable Col.Hans Landa a coniving german officer known as the 'jew hunter'. I've got a review up for this so i wont. go into much detail but this would have been my No.1 film if i had not recently viewed the next one.... my review of this film.

So we come to my number 1 film of 2009. A Truely astonishing slice of Sci-fi that should be viewed by everyone. My No.1 film of 2009 is.....


THIS IS MY NO.1 FILM OF 2009. A crazy movie, a gory movie. infact im not gonna say anything about it except watch it or....

...those FOOOKIN' PRAWNS are gonna get you.

this film is truely amazing....

Well there we go, That's my top 10 of 2009. only 365 days left until my top 10 of 2010. Here's looking forward to 12 months of cinemania.

Untill next time, keep watching the screens and have a happy new year....peace oy
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