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The Sinful Dwarf

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Posted 7th May 2009 at 02:53 PM by Philleh

The Sinful Dwarf. Quiet the title isn’t it? The Sinful Dwarf. It’s a title you can repeat over an over again, your brain bombarding you with images of what you could possibly bare witness to during the movie. With each mention of the title, the more graphic and perverse the image. With such self-hype, can the finished product ever compete with your perverted little minds? Highly doubtful, but to the creators credit, they certainly went all out in trying!

Those who thought Danish cinema was all about miserablism continue to be right! This is a miserable, miserable little movie; one which will leave a layering of grime as thick as the skin of the evil dwarf, Olaf! The Sinful Dwarf is a film steeped in the rape of innocence and the pillaging of ‘good taste’. It will have you questioning your morals, as well as cinematic preference. It’s what good exploitation is all about – dirtying and shaming the audience for its willing participance!

Olaf (Torben Bille, a former children’s presenter – nice touch!) helps run a boarding house with his mother, Lila Lash (great name!), a one time showgirl, who really, REALLY can’t sing. The twist comes when newlyweds, Peter and Mary, decide to slum it there while Peter looks for work. It transpires that it’s not just a boarding house, but a part time whoring house (sorry!) too! Olaf kidnaps young girls, hooks them on smack and pimps them out to any old scumbag willing to pay for smacked-out young cooch!

During Peter’s work related absence, Mary stumbles across the goings-on and soon finds herself shackled up and stuck with the needle – not to mention finding herself on the wrong end of Olaf’s pimp cane! Understandably, Peter is concerned when he returns to an empty squat. If only he knew his new place of employment was in league with the dwarf and his bat-shit crazy mother! Will he find Mary in time? And what will be left of her? What… wrong exploitation movie!

The Sinful Dwarf certainly isn’t big (ha) or clever, in fact – it’s not even any good. It’s painfully boring in places and whoever the hell hired that Tony Eades, who ‘plays’ Peter, deserves to catch a swift kick, square in the nuts – he’s pathetic and I was begging for him to get dressed and off of my screen! Anne Sparrow however, was not undressed enough and well, can’t act for shit either, but she does look nice in the buff; so she’s forgiven. It’s also a shame that the experience making this clearly destroyed the girl, as she didn’t appear in any other movie that I’m aware of, which is pretty damn tragic.

However bad the film maybe, it’s certainly a sleazy, sleazy experience. The dingy set, the chained up youths (in reality, mid-twenty Euro-babes), the creepy and way over-the-top performances from Torben Bille and Clara Keller (who plays his ma’) all up the ‘what the ****?’ factor that will be plastered all over the viewers face during the films course. The real kicker however, is that there is a hardcore version of the film. Severin Films are set to release it over the next coming months and with four extra minutes of smut added to the mix – it will make for one truly ugly experience. Certain scenes already boarder on hardcore as is, and they are uncomfortable enough, so when the full throttle version hits, I have the feeling I may not be leaving the shower for a few days.

So the creators of the Sinful Dwarf couldn’t compete with my dirty little mind, but they certainly gave it a good go. Too bad they didn’t focus more on the pacing of the film, as all attention and care evidently went into the title and the gimmick behind the it, had this been the onslaught of perversity I was hoping for – this could have been the holy grail for the exploitation circuit, as is, it’s an interesting footnote of a more… er… care free time, where people weren’t afraid to be politically incorrect and just tried their best to offend as many people as they possibly could; and charge them for the pleasure at that!

How I wish I could have been there…
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