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Hal 'Fats' Manciano

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Posted 18th June 2010 at 10:37 AM by Sam@Cult Labs
Updated 23rd June 2010 at 09:28 PM by Sam@Cult Labs

Just doing some research into obscure genre film makers and I turned up 'Fats' Manciano.

Above: Hal captured at the Santa Barbara Cult Cinema Expo Circa 1993

In a career that spanned almost 50 years of B movie production, Manciano produced pictures that act almost as a time line of American exploitation, as he directed and produced pictures that cashed in on teen fads and moral outrages up until his death from a heart attack in a downtown LA strip joint in the mid 90s.

Funnily enough, his films aren't well represented on DVD, so I've been hunting down bootlegs. If anyone wants to read a review of a film listed below, post a comment and If I have the title, I'll write something...

1949 Real Life Births

1950 Marijuana - Weed of Satan

1951 They Came from Beneath Mars

1951 Hercules Vs The Mummy

1952 Glen & Glenda Meet the Eunach From Hell

1952 Space Rocket Jackson

1953 Space Rocket Jackson meets the Venus Women

1954 Hardboiled Milly Solves the Case

1955 Space Rocket Jackson Vs Dr. Darkhand

1956 Rock 'n' Roll Hula-rama-go-go

1956 Teenage Bellyache

1956 Caveman Teen Stomp

1957 Motor-Teens Go Bananas!

1957 Dragstrip Darla meets Space Romeo

1958 Dracula's a Rockin' Daddy

1958 Psycho Beatnik Murder Beach

1959 Hey Daddy-O, Don't Jive Me!

1960 Beat Cabin Hot Sauce

1961 Nude Ranch

1961 Nude Typing Pool

1962 Nude Secretary in Clover

1962 Naked-A-Go-Go

1963 Werewolf Meets the Nudists

1964 Switchblade Santa Claus

1964 Johnny Snarl

1964 Surf Party Vampires

1964 Mondo Texas

1965 Co-ed Frankenstien

1966 Wow!

1966 Marijuana - God's Miracle

1967 Happening on Go-Go Street

1968 Bells, Beads, Flowers and Murder

1968 Hell's Angel Laundry

1968 She-Bikers from Planet Hate

1968 Up! Down! In! Out!

1969 Joey Fat Fat Meets the Down Town Gorilla

1970 The Hippy Hairdresser Murders

1971 Deep Nose

1971 F**K! A Musical

1972 A Smack Down on Dope Street

1972 Hassle Town Rumble

1972 Barn Door Sally

1972 Crimson Squad

1972 Barn Door Sally 2: Country Ways

1972 Barn Door Sally Gets Laid

1973 Flop House

1973 Flop House 2: The Ballard of Wandering Jim

1973 Don't Go Next to the House by the Park near the Cemetary

1973 Polyester Nights

1973 Stud McCollins - Texas P.I.

1973 Stud McCollins 2: Cowpoke County

1973 Stud McCollins 3: New York City Stud

1974 Black Chocolate Sunshine

1974 Badass Bertha Breaks a Sweat

1974 Horror of the Midgets

1974 Buzz! Night of the Mosquito

1974 Typhoid!

1974 Cult of the Sex Tigers

1975 Goose Michaels - Stunt Lawyer

1975 Space Critters

1976 Hooker Patrol

1976 Quit Jivin' Me!

1977 Schoolgirl Stewardess

1977 Screwball College

1977 Screwball College 2: Alpha Beta Titty Fraternity

1978 Screwball College 3: Dean Straightbacks revenge

1979 Easter Sunday

1980 Easter Sunday 2: Bunny's Revenge

1981 Maniac Chiropractor

1981 Teen Beat '81

1982 Wasteland 2230 AD

1982 Nuclear Teens Get Wasted

1983 Ninja Death Cloud

1983 California Ninja

1983 California Ninja 2: Fatal Flying Frisbee

1984 California Ninja 3: Hacky Sack

1985 Skate Kids Vs the Sludge Creature

1985 Mudfish and a Bear Called 'Hoss

1987 Truck Stop Massacre

1987 Vampire Mall

1987 Naked Buellers's Day Off

1988 Gang Bang Boomerang

1989 Vase of Blood

1990 Slacker College

1991 Slacker College 2: Hazing Holiday

1992 LAPD Hot Tub

1995 Albino Alligator (AKA It Came From the Sewers)
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  1. Old Comment
    the blob's Avatar
    1950 Marijuana - Weed of Satan
    1966 Marijuana - God's Miracle

    Genius! I really want to see those two..


    1974 Horror of the Midgets

    Possible contender for best title ever..
    Comment with Quote permalink
    Posted 18th June 2010 at 01:47 PM by the blob the blob is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Sam@Cult Labs's Avatar
    Reviews to follow.

    Hal's two dope pictures really illustrates his glorious lack of morals when it comes to film production, first churning out a moralizing anti-drug flick for the Norman Rockwell crowd to tut over while getting some illicit jollies before doing a complete volte face in the late 60s when he creates a Technicolor orgy of positive hippy vibes, body painted nudes and Haight Ashbury Psych bands like The Electric Monsoon, 1846 Lollipop Shop and Pastoral Cranium.

    Hal's Restricted Growth picture is a definite product of it's time and stars the legendary 70s porn queen 'Tiny' Trixie Bangaround.
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    Posted 18th June 2010 at 03:39 PM by Sam@Cult Labs Sam@Cult Labs is offline
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