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Mudfish and a Bear Called 'Hoss

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Posted 22nd August 2010 at 06:46 PM by Sam@Cult Labs

Year: 1970

AKA: Grizzly at the Wheel / Keep on Truckin' Grizzly Bear!

Mudfish McCollins - Good ol' boy, interstate arm wrestling champion, roadhouse Casanova - is a trucker with a difference. He's got 1200 lbs of North American Grizzly sitting in his cab. Meet 'Hoss ("Barnard" - Grizzly Makes a Bet / Grizzly Makes a Deal / Grizzly Saves Christmas) a bad tempered bear with a heart of gold.

Together they cruise the Southern states, entering arm wrestling contests, delivering the sometimes illegal goods and staying one step ahead of the law, particularly Sheriff Harrington, a small town law man with a big chip on his shoulder.

When a shipment of dolls turns out to contain illegal Cuban cigars, Mudfish and his furry companion find themselves in deep stew. They've got the State Troopers, the National Guard and that weasel Harrington burning rubber trying to catch them.

Their only hope is ride through the night and reach Piston County, a little patch of Kentucky where Truckers run the town and the law of the road rules supreme. The Mayor of Piston is Old Jake (Clem Caboose - The Poisoned Moustache / The Cranberry Plot / Tarzan of the Third Reich) and if Mudfish and 'Hoss can get to him in time, the law won't be able to touch them.

And so begins a rootin' tootin' hell ride across state lines, as Mudfish puts pedal to the metal, sending Motorcycle Police careening off cliffs, Helicopters into the sides of mountains (or more accurately and conviently, behind some trees, seconds before the explosion...) and Sheriff Harrington's cruiser crashing into a series of road side signage, chicken coops and fruit and veg stands.

Along the way, Mudfish and 'Hoss draw the ire of the Black Emeralds, a low down mob of dirty Biker scum who chase them across three states after 'Hoss sends their parked Hogs tumbling to the Asphalt like chrome Dominos.

Another highlight is the Arm Wrestling scene, in which 'Hoss accidentily tears a bartenders limb from it's socket, sending it through the front window. This triggers a bar brawl which has entered the Guiness Book of Records as the longest ever filmed. It's a drunken bust-up of such epic proportions that director Hal Manciano had to call in a favour from an old friend at the Texas State Penitentiary. So many prisoners escaped during the shoot that the real National Guard had to be called in.

Clem Caboose - Selected Filmography

1946 Stick 'Em Up... Your Majesty!

1946 Crawdaddy Cop

1947 Abbot & Costello Meet the Cretins

1948 Baloon Ride to Laramie

1949 Hollywood Regicide

1950 The Whispering Werewolf

1951 The Goodtime Gals Get Gotten

1953 Zorro Unfettered

1954 Hercules and the Leper

1955 Hercules and the Undead Concubines

1956 Hercules Goes Bananas

1957 Tarzan of the Third Reich

1958 Dead Men Can't Walk

1960 Ugly Jake and the Naked Indians

1961 Secrets of the Suburban Love Hotels

1962 Teenage Wigwam

1963 Two-Wheel Frankenstien

1965 Boy Slaves of Neptune

1967 Blood on the Paisley

1970 The Poisoned Moustache

1974 The Cranberry Plot

1978 My Boss, The Monkey

1985 Mudfish & a Bear Called 'Hoss
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  1. Old Comment
    pedromonkey's Avatar
    so freakin' awesone, brill review sam, this is probably the single most cliche'd film ever "made". it's Dukes of Hazzard, Smokey and the Bandit and john West salmon advert rolled into one...
    Comment with Quote permalink
    Posted 23rd August 2010 at 12:49 AM by pedromonkey pedromonkey is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Sam@Cult Labs's Avatar
    Remind me about the John West Salmon advert please...
    Comment with Quote permalink
    Posted 23rd August 2010 at 06:51 PM by Sam@Cult Labs Sam@Cult Labs is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Stephen@Cult Labs's Avatar
    What's not to love about a Grizzly Bear at the wheel of a truck?
    Comment with Quote permalink
    Posted 28th August 2010 at 09:53 AM by Stephen@Cult Labs Stephen@Cult Labs is offline
  4. Old Comment
    pedromonkey's Avatar
    the john west advert where the fisher man tries to steal the salmon off the bear and it turns out the bear knows kung fu, does the ropadope and knocks the fisherman out. best advert ever....
    Comment with Quote permalink
    Posted 29th August 2010 at 02:32 PM by pedromonkey pedromonkey is offline
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