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Prisoner cell block h -Marie Winter is forced to implicate Heather Rodgers

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Posted 20th April 2013 at 05:41 PM by TheUnknown

A cell search is being conducted by Cynthia and Janet

Janet:Miss Leach I'll check this cell, you check the next one

Cynthia: Right, Mrs O'Connor

Janet walks into the cell Marie shares with someone we haven't seen before

Janet walks up to one of the beds, she checks it thoroughly, then checks the dresser carefully and finds nothing. She also checks the wardrobe and the mirror and finds nothing. She then goes over to the other bed and checks it, when she is halfway through she finds something. It's a bag of coke. She comes running out the cell.

Janet: Miss Leach, I've found something

Cynthia comes running out: Where did you find it, Mrs O'Connor?

Janet: In Winter's bed. Come along Winter, you're going to solitary for 48 hours.

Marie: It's not mine. I tell ya.

Janet: And who put it there. The tooth fairy. Don't take me for a fool Winter, just get moving at once.

Marie is taken to the pound. A few hours later, the solitary door opens and Cynthia comes in

Cynthia: On your feet, Winter

Marie: Why, what do you want?

Cynthia: I said on your feet, Winter. When I say get up, You get up immediately and say: Yes, Miss leach. Now try it.

Marie: What if I don't want to?

Cynthia: "Wrong answer, Winter", she then grabs Marie by the hair and pulls her off the bed. She slaps Marie hard across the face twice, then punches her hard twice in the stomach.

Cynthia: Now, what do you say, Winter?

Marie: What can I do for you, Miss leach?

Cynthia slaps Marie hard again

Cynthia: "You're learning Winter. But that's not good enough. Yet.

Marie: Why did you come to see me, Miss leach?

Cynthia: A little birdie told me that you're claiming that Miss Ferguson started that riot at Wentworth. How could you tell such wicked lies, Winter?

Marie: It's not a lie, it's the bloody truth, She did start that riot.

Cynthia :"Wrong answer, Winter". She goes to the door and picks up her baton "It seems as if you need something stronger to help jog your memory." she then lays into Marie with the baton. Marie is screaming and doubled up in pain. Suddenly there is the sound of dogs barking outside, ferociously. Cynthia stops. Marie falls to the floor.

Cynthia: Get up, Winter.

Marie slowly gets up.

Cynthia: Stand up straight, Winter.

Marie tries to.

Cynthia: OK, let's go over it again. Who started that riot?

Marie: It was Rodgers, Heather Rodgers.

Cynthia: Now that's better, Winter. But you forgot to address me correctly again.

Cynthia slaps Marie again.

Marie: Sorry, Miss Leach. It was Heather Rodgers that started the riot, Miss Leach.

Cynthia: It seems you have learned your lesson surprisingly quickly, Winter. When you get out of solitary. You will compose a letter implicating the correct person, who was responsible for starting that riot. Do I make myself clear, Winter?

Marie: Yes, Miss Leach

Cynthia turns to leave

Marie: Miss Leach?

Cynthia: What now, Winter?

Marie: I didn't put those drugs in my cell. Miss Leach, honest.

Cynthia: I know that, Winter. I put them there, so I could have you in a position to give you an attitude adjustment. Don't mess with me, Winter, when you come out or I'll have you back inside here again. If I have to do that, then I'll really become unpleasant. Do you hear me, Winter?

Marie: Yes, Miss Leach

Cynthia leaves the cell and shakes her head muttering under her breath: She's not the tough cookie I had expected. I didn't think it would be that easy to break you, Winter.

Marie still in pain in solitary: You mean ugly, sadistic bitch. I'll get you one day, I promise

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