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i part 二

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Posted 7th March 2010 at 07:42 PM by truckturner
Updated 7th March 2010 at 08:44 PM by truckturner

Hey! My name is Robert Rostant, I worked on the storyboards as well as a collaborative cinematographer and collaborative writer for 'i'. I'm a fan of surreal, off the wall films and a major retro computer game geek. I started the contemporary media practice course with the intention of learning the skills needed to make a film, and as I befriended the members of Pushing Buttons Films, I found it only natural that I wanted to make a film with them! It was truly an interesting experience and an educational journey I'd never forget. I learnt a lot about film making, myself and the importance of friendship and team work.

Of course, at this point in the journey I had not learnt everything just yet. This lead to the most difficult and stressful part where morale was low and I was loosing touch with myself and I got to a point where I generally acted like a right idiot towards my good friends. The story begins about a month into the start of the project known as "Wired". Now "Wired" was an entirely different project which was produced by James Pain (perhaps the most organized person I have ever met) all was going well until stress and fatique struck.

You see, I like Tim live at home, not on the uni campus, so this restricted the amount of time we could meet. Since I lived about 90 minutes away from the uni, we all stayed from 5pm (when lectures finished) till 9-10pm everyday to engage in heated discussions and planning sessions for making the film. From our outward apperances you wouldn't be able to tell but the workload was starting to get to us (4 hours a day might not sound like much, but bare in mind we had lectures, tutorials and several written projects to have finished, along with relentless deadlines). We where about to meet breaking point.

After Several redrafts of the script and a rough storyboard I began to restoryboard "Wired". Now, a major problem was lack of communication since (and don't get me wrong, this was due to a choice I made) I decided that I wanted to write the storyboard at home, my version was very different to Tims vision. He supervised the second storyboard but we still had separate visions and I had a bit of trouble imagining some things.

After session after session of harsh criticism the day of destiny arrived. The day that would shake the project to its very core. Disaster struck. During the friday of the final tutorial, Tim had taken the important job of searching for locations which left Djavan, James and I alone. Heres when the lack of communication between all of us reared its ugly head. We decided to review the script when Tim was away and we realised, we hadn't actually had the time to properly look over the script, sure we read it but we where each possessed by our own individual images of what the film should look like. After a lot of clashes in opinion we decided (fairly selfishly actually) to scrap wired and start a new. Which lead to a risky turning point.

Now I took it as my job to tell Tim about how we'd change the project and how we had issue with the script. But due to my lack of sleep and the stress of having to start from scratch, I didn't choose my words correctly, looking back I was actually pretty harsh. This led to an argument that could have devistated the friendship that held the group together. As I stormed out of the room and journeyed home I felt pretty depressed, I felt the guilt of almost destroying another person's creative vision and I felt guilty about my immature actions. After the span of the weekend to cool off and actually get some sleep and turn away from the monster named deadline that was breathing down our necks, we said our apologies and decided that we were not going to let a few small problems get in the way of us making a great film, more importantly we wouldn't let it destroy our teamwork and friendship from the inside out.

We gathered and within an urgent tense 5 minute time limit, we found a way around everyone's problem's as well as something with the same level of ambition, but a bit less complex and more realistically available to film in the small amount of time we had. Tim wrote a new screenplay for a project named 'PRESSULEASE' and we all had a great day gathered at his house actually communicating for once! We all collaborated to write the perfect version of the script which later turned into 'i'. We had overcome the first major hurdle where ready for whatever fate had to throw at us. Though from there on, things weren't as simple as we'd first imagined. Christmas Holidays had arrived, but this was perhaps the toughest break we'd ever had, I had yet to finish the storyboard for 'i'.

Before I go, I just have a message to anyone else planning to begin making films. A film is a collaborative effort, its important that everyone share the same image and considers the feelings of every one in your group because everyone is equal. Never interupt another persons creativity. And also dear reader, arguements are inevitable, so its important you learn from them like we did, sure they hurt if you're in a group that never argues at all, you'll never learn anything!!
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    pedromonkey's Avatar
    great blog Truck, i have this immense urge to make a film but actually have no-one to work with, this is a pain and also my camera sucks (it's hi-8), i would love to meet people willing to make films....
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    Posted 7th March 2010 at 10:07 PM by pedromonkey pedromonkey is offline
  2. Old Comment
    truckturner's Avatar
    Thanks for the love. I did not write this entry, my co producer, actor and director of cinematography 'Robert Rostant' did. Wow that's really cool, would love to work with you and your hi 8 format. Never used it though.
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    Posted 9th March 2010 at 08:45 PM by truckturner truckturner is offline
  3. Old Comment
    pedromonkey's Avatar
    hi-8 sucks, it's all grainy and due to it being analogue it's a impossible to transfer to editing equipment. but cheers...
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    Posted 9th March 2010 at 09:15 PM by pedromonkey pedromonkey is offline
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