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Sarah@Cult Labs 11th April 2011 04:19 PM

SHAM031/SHAM201 - Cannibal Holocaust: The BBFC Advice & Decision
Shameless Screen Entertainment has submitted a fully uncut version of Cannibal Holocaust to an advisory board at the BBFC who have advised them that the film would (only) have to be cut by 14 seconds!

"At 18 minutes - Remove sight of man killing small mammal with a knife. Cut required from 0:18:21 - 0:18:35."

The BBFC feels that all previous cuts to the scenes of sexual violence can now be waived as the scenes in question are horrifying and repugnant, and clearly not designed to eroticise or promote sexual violence. As for the other animal cruelty scenes (the turtle, monkey and pig), the BBFC's view is that these killings were quick, clean and humane and therefore do not contravene BBFC policy.

In conversation, Deodato has advised Shameless that, in his mind, the muskrat scene was the only animal-killing in the film where the animal was sacrificed, all of the other animals were eaten as was normal practice in that part of the world.

This minimal cut makes for the longest ever UK version of the film, although it should be noted that this is at the advisory stage and therefore the film has not yet been submitted for or received formal classification. This is such exciting news that Shameless has decided to release not one, but two versions of the film! This means that the Shameless release will feature this longest ever UK version and Deodato's 21st Century Edit, which will see the animal cruelty toned down.

This means that Deodato's new edit will not simply cut out the animal cruelty scenes, but rather will edit out the actual, obvious pain and cruelty inflicted on the animals, but keep the "fact" that it happened. As a result, Shameless is pleased to announce that in accordance with the director's wishes, Shameless' release of Deodato's 21st Century Edit version will contain less animal cruelty than the BBFC classified version!

This advice from the BBFC has got everyone at Shameless, Cine Excess and Cult Labs very excited as it will help us to develop an amazing edition of Cannibal Holocaust for the UK.

Watch this space for more news to follow over the coming weeks and months!

BioZombie 11th April 2011 04:24 PM

That's fantastic new for Shameless, I never imagined the BBFC would let this through without more sever cuts. I am really looking forward to this BD release now.

Djangooo 11th April 2011 04:25 PM

Looks like I'll be getting this after all!

MatOfTheDead 11th April 2011 04:26 PM


nekromantik 11th April 2011 04:28 PM

wow thats great news!!
Although I think most people will watch the 2011 edit!

horror4life 11th April 2011 04:29 PM

nice looking forward to seeing what extras will be included

Peter Neal 11th April 2011 04:32 PM

Amazing news- even though it's still some time till the final verdict.:cool:

Here's a real chance for creating one of THE defining "Cannibal Holocaust" releases.:rockon:

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 11th April 2011 04:32 PM

Fantastic news. I honestly expected the animal scenes to be still a major problem and therefore be cut to ribbons!

It will very interesting to see how Deodato's edit compares with the new UK edit. :nod:

vinncent 11th April 2011 04:35 PM

14 seconds is 14 seconds to much..sorry but its 2011 ..movies should not be cut! Glad i have it uncut on many diffrent editions!

nekromantik 11th April 2011 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by vinncent (Post 142113)
14 seconds is 14 seconds to much..sorry but its 2011 ..movies should not be cut! Glad i have it uncut on many diffrent editions!

be glad its only 14 seconds...animal cruelty aint something many people wanna watch anyway.

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