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iluvdvds@Cult Labs 20th September 2011 01:11 AM

What's Your Favourite Cannibal Film?
I've just finised making a blog about a very brief history of cannibalism in cinema (Cannibalism in Cinema: Om Nom Nom!) and it got me thinking.

What is your all time favourite Cannibal movie? Do you like good ol' Italian cannibal films? Or perhaps something more comical?

If you had to pick ONE what would it be?

keirarts 20th September 2011 08:40 AM

I am a huge fan of cannibal apocalypse.

Technically and artistically Cannibal holocaust is the best, Ferox a close second, I also find jungle holocaust, eaten alive, Deep river savages all lots of fun as well.

But for me the best one is definately apocalypse.

Mainly because Antonio margheretti is a damn fine film maker who knows how to entertain an audience, apocalypse delivers this perfectly, Its mix of deranged nam veterans, john saxon, giovanni lombardo radice and tons of grue has always made this my personal favourite.

Demoncrat 20th September 2011 11:54 AM

Themroc. tee hee.
otherwise it has to be CH (wonder if theyll still remake it??):laugh::laugh::laugh:

Demdike@Cult Labs 20th September 2011 12:12 PM

Cannibal Ferox

Grimm Love.

Two entirely different takes on the cannibal genre.

Pete 20th September 2011 12:57 PM


Baseball Fury 20th September 2011 01:03 PM

Cannibal: The Musical! and Cannibal Holocaust.

Slippery Jack 20th September 2011 03:11 PM

Ravenous :clap:

Hammer time 20th September 2011 03:50 PM

last cannibal world

mr 420 20th September 2011 04:16 PM

Anybody seen Trouble Every Day? I have the chance to pick that up very cheaply.

James Morton 20th September 2011 05:05 PM

What's Your Favourite Cannibal Film?

CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE though not as good

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