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Old 20th December 2012, 09:02 PM
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Default Christmas Comp #20 - The Baytown Outlaws - FINISHED

Hi all,

Up for grabs to day is the excellent upcoming DVD/Blu-ray of The Baytown Outlaws. A film you will LOVE!

On DVD & Blu-Ray 26 Dec 2012

“A riot of slick and sick Tarantino-style escapism.”

Alan Jones, Film4 Frightfest

More potent than a shot of Alabama moonshine, Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Billy Bob Thornton (Eagle Eye; Bad Santa), star in THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS, a super-charged, foul-mouthed and very bloody, Tarantino-esque action-comedy, directed and co-written by Barry Battles and co-starring Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries), Daniel Cudmore (The Twilight Saga), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game Of Thrones), Travis Fimmel (The Beast), Clayne Crawford (24), Michael Rapaport (Prison Break) and Zoe Bell (Whip It; Bitch Slap; Death Proof).

Writer-director Barry Battles (along with co-writer Griffin Hood) wears his love of cinema on his sleeve with this violent and breathtakingly-paced road-romp through the Deep South, dishing out references to the likes of Rambo, The Warriors, The Devil’s Rejects, The Terminator and even E.T. as the bullets fly and the body count mounts. Throw in Eva Longoria looking amazing in a vest-top and a pair of Daisy Dukes and a rocking soundtrack that includes the likes of Clutch, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, amongst others, and you have one hugely entertaining ride that is destined for cult status.

Meet the Oodies, a trio of redneck hillbilly brothers whose main source of fun – and only source of employment – is illegally enforcing several unwritten laws on behalf of the local corrupt sheriff. When their latest job goes disastrously wrong and ends in a massacre at the wrong address, the brothers are approached by Celeste, a witness to the mayhem, with a proposal. She’s willing to pay them $25,000 for the safe return of her godson, who has been kidnapped by her ex-husband. What she fails to tell them is that the man in question is a ruthless mobster who believes Celeste is dead, having previously arranged for one of his goons to pump her full of lead.

Unsurprisingly, what should be a simple rescue mission soon turns into a southern fried battle royale of epic proportions as the brothers fall foul of a seemingly endless parade of psychopaths and miscreants who want them dead, ranging from a gang of crazy-ass biker chicks and a pack of ruthless road warriors to Federal agents, crooked cops and some very angry Native Americans.


Personally, I thought The Baytown Outlaws was one of the best films I've seen this year. It was so much fun and the character were crazy! I watched it recently again with a friend who also loved it to bits.

So, to win simply post what your best film of 2012 is and the worst. They don't have to necessarily be films made this year, but can be ones you've only discovered these past 12 months.

The best entries will be placed into a random draw where one lucky winner will be rewarded with this great prize.

Good luck,

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Old 20th December 2012, 09:29 PM
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The best movie I watched the past 12 months is Bela Tarr's last movie called The Turin Horse,a very powerful movie about mortality and the worst is(I know many will disagree) The Avengers,a mediocre approach of a superhero comic
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Old 20th December 2012, 09:58 PM
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Default Best and Worst 2012

Favourite film of 2012 was Attack of the Werewolves and worst was Before Dawn.
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Old 20th December 2012, 10:00 PM
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from my countdown on my website...


CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012)dir: Drew Goddard

Much like The Raid, Cabin In The Woods has redefined the horror genre and what did it take?, two geeks with a love of horror films and a shit load of monsters. Buffy/Angel and Firefly creator and director of the big budget Avengers film, Joss Whedon joins forces with the writer of Cloverfield, Drew Goddard for an affectionate twist on the old cabin in the woods scenario. Goddard directs from a script written both Whedon and Goddard. Right that's professionalism out of the way now onto my thoughts on this film....**** me this film is off the chain, Everything about it is just so well thought out. You get the 'collage kids' who aren't your usual collage kids, who take a trip to a cabin in the woods owned by the cousin of one of the kids. So far so generic, but what this sets up is a crazy assault on your geek senses. Cabin In The woods takes the cabin genre and adds a definite Whedon flavour too it. If you ever watched Buffy and season 4 in particular you may recall that Riley was an agent for a secret monster fighting squad, well Cabin in the woods takes that idea and adds a more malevolent purpose behind it. Instead of capturing the monsters this secret organization unleashes them onto unsuspecting participants in a yearly ritual that is meant to protect the world from the elder gods, these giant evil monsters who are being kept in some sort of hellmouth (buffy) and it's up to the secret organization to kill five people, five of the usual horror genre staples, The Jock, The Scholar, The Whore, The Fool and The Virgin, they turn normal everyday kids into these people with the use of pheromones, ingredients in hair colour and spiking alcohol. While the kids come face to face with the evil creatures unleashed by organization, the entire ritual is watched over by two office workers who are in control of what happens. It's such a hard film to write a plot synopsis for because so much happens and it would genuinely spoil the awesomeness of the film if wrote it all out. It's just such a clever film and the final 20 minutes will blow your mind. I may not have been a fan of Whedon's The Avengers, but I am a huge fan of this film, which is why it sits as my favourite film of 2012.


TAKEN 2 (2012) Dir: Olivier Megaton

Oh man what a **** up of a movie. I am a massive fan of the first Taken film, if I was doing the site in 2008, Taken would have been my #1 film of the year so it's such a shame that it's highly anticipated sequel gets the #1 worst film of the year. What happened? Why does it suck so many balls and why would I even consider putting a Liam Neeson film as worst film of the year?. The reason is because the film is lazy, it's badly shot and incredibly badly directed by silly named Olivier Megaton, the man who could have made an awesome action film out of Colombiana but instead just made a run of the mill generic action/revenge film, hell this guy ****ed up the Transporter series and that's not exactly an oscar contender but ****, what was Besson thinking with this film, there are some many glaring goofs in the film and so many WHAT THE JESUS H **** WAS THAT? Moments that really made me so angry. Liam Neeson was his usual badass self, Maggie Grace was good as Kim but Famke Jansen was an expendable character that had no business being in this sequel and don't even get me started on the villain, Boris the ****in' bullet dodger from Snatch. It seemed as though Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen didn't really want to make a sequel so just wrote the stupidest action film they could think of and gave it to a director just as a joke. The violence was watered down so kids could see it which pissed me off because the first film contains some brutal violence. Brian Mills just didn't have the same drive he did in the first film. It's complete shite and that is why it's my worst film of the year. Such a disappointment.
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Old 20th December 2012, 11:11 PM
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I'll stick to new releases as I can disscuss such classics as Quatermass and the Pit, Jaws, Gremlins, and Demons elsewhere.

Best: Dredd (Alex Garland)- Sept' 12

Sweet zombie jesus on a christ cracker I can not emphasises my love for this movie ENOUGH! Your probably all sick of it now (wait's for typical snarcky Demdike reply) but this movie rung all the right bell's in the right places. It was a perfect addaptation of the source material, because unlike Spiderman or Superman where nothing is compramised to avoid annoying the Fan base, Dredd let alot go in order to great something truely gritty and original. The fact it was produced on a budget of just £45 Million is testement to itself, that it can blow such piece's of shite as Battleships and Twishite out of the water, which where produced on much larger budgets. Mr. Urban NAILED the lead role by keeping the one liners to an minimum and relyed on body language to get the characterisation across. He IS Judge Dredd to me now, and I can't picture anyone else in the role....and no, not ****ing Sly Stallone!

Worst: Twishite Breaking Dawn part II (Bill Condom...pffft!!)- Nov' 12

What a piece of shit. I mean it, few movie's make me cringe just at the memory, not even Legend of the Overfiend. But this was just terrible on every level, nothing worked in it's favour, nothing worked AT ALL. The acting. Hammy, at best, from Michael Sheen, wooden from everyone else. The script, a massive dick turn where there where NO consiquences WHAT SO ****ING EVER! The effects, amongst some of the most offensively bad I have ever seen, the 8 year old girl is CGI half the time. WHY?! The werewolfs are insultingly bad and spit on the face of good WW transormation sequences such as in American Werewolf in Lodnon and The Howling. The characters's a freaking phedophile! In a childrens movie! I object! This movie will stay in my memory longer than Casablanca. Longer than Dredd. Longer than Bird with the Crystal Plumage. All my fave's have masterful asspects about them, but this piece of dog crap shit's all over them and will be remembered for it's badness. Just, **** the right off Twilight.
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Old 20th December 2012, 11:32 PM
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Still not seen the new Twilight but still can't believe it provokes such a hostile reaction. Ah well, different strokes.

Really hard to pick my favourite film especially since I've still not seen so many noteworthy releases but I'd probably have to say The Dark Knight Rises. A fantastic end to a trilogy making Nolan's Batman trilogy one of only two damn-near perfect movie trilogies to date (the other being Toy Story). It was such an interesting idea to have Batmans story as having a closed and definite ending unlike other films and comics and I can't see how else Nolan could have bettered it really.

Worst film was Paranormal Activity 4. In a year which saw some decent mainstream horror releases (Sinister for example) Paranormal Activity really stood out as a turd in a punchbowl. Cynically created it runs through the same motions as the previous films but without any concern for furthering the franchises overall story and the usual quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG!! schtick gets tired really quickly. The only thing worse than this film is the fact that the economics of it guarantees another sequel.
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Old 20th December 2012, 11:50 PM
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One of the worst films I've seen all year was coincidentally a Cult Labs win! Don't wish to seem ungrateful, but Zombie 108 was quite painfully awful, bordering on offensive.

As for best film of the year, that's a tough one. I may have to go with The Hobbit!
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Old 21st December 2012, 01:22 AM
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Best original film this year was Looper, great performances, awesome cast and story out of this world.

Slice and Dice by far the best documentary this year with great insight from classic genre actors and directors
Darth Elvis & The Imperials
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Old 21st December 2012, 08:42 AM
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I still got quite a lot on my watch list but here mine:

Best movie that came out in 2012 here that i've seen: Cabin in the woods
2place goes to avengers/prometheus, 3place to the raid/skyfall (yes I'm cheating)

Worst: Strippers vs Werewolves (2012), I hated it (this is coming from someone who liked zombie strippers and the like.)

Most disappointing: Piranha 3DD (2012), I was pretty hyped for this flick, adding David Hasselhoff made me excited for another movie tripped with blood, boobs and funny winks. What we got was a watered down version of the first film with all practical effects changed to godawful cgi. Still Hasselhoff redeems it a bit.

Biggest surprise: Men in Black III (2012) , I didn't like the second one and frankly didn't give a rats ass about this new cashgrap that Hollywood made. But it turned out to be an enjoyable movie-going experience.
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Old 21st December 2012, 10:44 AM
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The best film was certainly The Devils, no doubt. I had seen a copy before but the excellent BFI disc allowed me to see it in its full glory (even with the missing bits). It is now one of my favorite movies ever, of any genre.

I can't remember any really bad movie, but not counting the so-bad-it's-good movies the only let down was Dark Night Of The Scarecrow, maybe I was expecting something better/different but after reading so much about it, I couldn't see it as the classic many mention it as.
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