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Demdike@Cult Labs 8th August 2013 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by Make Them Die Slowly (Post 357419)
It's going to be 2 direct to DVD sequels to "Ratman"!

Who leaked you this info MTDS?

How did you find out? :mob:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 8th August 2013 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by BAKA (Post 357442)
What in my post is illustrating to you I've taken it personally, out of interest. I haven't in the slightest. I've re-read what I've written, and I'm genuinely quite surprised at your barbed reaction to it. I think I've put across, quite reasonably, a genuine reflection to points you raised in your post.

As I said, I wasn't sure if it was or not. Regardless of whether it was directly or not, they're clearly an indirect connection. Whether my post was there or not, I don't doubt had I seen your post I would have posted something similar to what I did in reply. I don't see a lot of the negative comments as a slight on Shameless, more the circumstances, which was why I did speak up, because I relate, and find myself of the same opinion.

Of course no one did. I never suggested they did. When people are genuinely wondering if the company is still around, and are being teased about 'exciting' announcements coming soon, on a platform filled with people who have already heavily consumed from their release pool, teasing repackages felt like a slap in the face. Your point with regards to how Shameless went from having such a goodwill, to being 'no hopers' relates to that, in my eyes. Which was why I brought it up. I think they did damage to themselves. But that's constructive criticism as far as I'm concerned, and surely this is the place to air it? Where they can hear it and take it on board, if they feel the need to.

I'm glad to see on other forums, people mentioning the upcoming announcements tomorrow, and quite a positive reaction to them 'not being dead' as one person put it. Clearly there's still a lot of goodwill towards the company out there, and regardless of how you've read my post, I'm happy there is. Nothing that I've said hasn't been constructive or helpful to them, in my eyes. If Iíve crossed a boundary somewhere, genuinely, someone let me know where. Iím at a loss here.

It was a joke, seriously, chill out. I thought it sensible to end a serious discussion with a little bit of humour. I really didn't expect to get such a sour reaction to it. I wasn't offended by anything you posted, merely saw the topic from a different point of view and expressed that. Re-reading everything back, I can't help wondering if you expected a negative reaction to your post, from your 'I've stuck my neck on the chopper' comment, and have misread my post in a different light to how it was intended, or if there's something I've missed a few times now.

I canít say Iíve ever seen you react in such a way to something on this forum, and thereís been some seriously inappropriate and offensive stuff thrown from many a banned member. A little taken aback if Iím honestÖ

I think I've said my piece now, and I'll leave it there. I really don't want tomorrow's announcements to be met between a differing of opinion that's bewilderingly turned so sour.

Bloody hell you can't half type eh?;)

Jinx_Barkman 8th August 2013 11:07 PM

I would welcome more poliziotteschi or post apocalyptic titles with open arms. Suspiria is my favorite film and it needs a proper blu ray release somewhere. I would get it day one.

davcol 8th August 2013 11:12 PM

Really hope its not Suspira or some tripe like Ghosthouse

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 9th August 2013 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by SharonLynette (Post 357417)
Is this a joke or will there really be a couple of new titles? Please say it isn't a joke!

It is no joke!

There will be a new cut of Ratman and Flavia the Heretic released each, with 3 seconds of additional footage. :tongue1:

Rik 9th August 2013 09:43 AM


Refused 9th August 2013 10:02 AM

It's 2 minutes past 11, where the **** are the announcements? :censored:

PaulD 9th August 2013 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Refused (Post 357517)
It's 2 minutes past 11, where the **** are the announcements? :censored:

Looking at his profile Kyle is creating a new thread right RIGHT NOW. Really excited!

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 9th August 2013 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Refused (Post 357517)
It's 2 minutes past 11, where the **** are the announcements? :censored:

We mods need time to get in our suits of armour before the mass kicking commences ;)

Refused 9th August 2013 10:11 AM

Two "sexy" films? I'm out of here before it all kicks off! :fear:

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