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Can I change my username?

You can change your username once. To do so send a PM to Iluvdvds@Cult Labs with your new name.

You will need to place a message in your signature so that other members know about your name change, e.g. "formerly known as xyz" will need to remain in your signature for at least one month.

Why has my post been edited/deleted?

There are a few reasons why your post may have been edited. Here are a couple of possibilities:

  • You insulted another member; we're going to keep Cult Labs friendly—offensive messages / insults are not tolerated here!
  • You discussed movie piracy / downloads etc. —Cult Labs exists to provide everyone access to select DVD labels so that you the fan can tell them what you want; we've got to support these labels or else there won't be any releases in future! As such all discussion of piracy / downloads is forbidden.

If this doesn't explain why your post was edited then please contact a moderator or the admin.

Where has the xyz thread gone?

If a thread has suddenly disappeared don't worry, it may just be temporarily hidden. If an argument kicks off in a thread we may decide to hide the thread from view so that the dispute can be sorted by PM. We then tidy up the thread (where possible) and put it back so that nothing is lost.

If you have a question about a missing thread please PM a moderator or the admin.

What's an infraction and why did I receive one?
This forum has a points system whereby if you break the rules then you gain points; if your points pass certain thresholds you may find your forum access restricted. This may sound a bit unfriendly/impersonal but it's generally only used as a time-saving measure as if mods send a PM to everyone who needs one there would be no time for them to enjoy the forum themselves! Generally if you get an infraction we just ask that you be careful about whichever issue it relates to. If you have any questions about it then please PM the mod in question. They're just doing what they can to keep the forum running smoothly; this takes a lot more time than people expect so we ask for your patience when we need to deal with posts that fall on the wrong side of the forum rules.

General Forum Usage

User Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

How can I close my account?

If for whatever reason you would like to close your account down here is how to do it:

1) Change your password to something you won't remember, or copy and paste some random text from a text editor. This way you won't be able to log back in.

2) Change your e-mail to something random; so as not to bother other e-mail providers you can use an address like This way you won't be able to reset your password.

By completing these two steps your account will be essentially unusable. Please note that we do not remove accounts as per the forum rules.

Our goal is to keep Cult Labs friendly. If you feel discouraged from posting by certain members' behaviour then you can e-mail us in complete confidence.

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