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PaulD 1st November 2011 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by Daemonia (Post 194388)
Halloween II looks incredible in HD, much better than I thought it would! Definitely one of my favourite BDs to date. And you get the full length docu-feature Terror in the Aisles in full HD as an extra too. But snap up a copy quick, there's rumours about that Universal didn't properly license the clips and they also omitted the title card saying 'Moustapha Akkad presents' and so they might be doing a recall. Like I say, it's just a rumour, but I'm glad I already have myself a copy - just in case!

Gonna get a copy today now, just in case. Bit confused about the 2 different versions on Movietyme:

MovieTyme - Halloween II: 30th Anniversary DVD - Horror

MovieTyme - UK3D: Halloween II: 30th Anniversary DVD - Blu-Ray Region Free Titles

What's the differnce between these 2? Neither state that they have the Terror in the Aisle's doc.

oaxaca 1st November 2011 11:10 AM

Just bought Halloween 2 (the original of course!) from marketplace for 10.70. Not sure what that "UK3D" version is all about. Haven't seen H2 for aaaaages so looking forward to it.

Just got Zombie in the post. looks amazing, love the sleeve. Gonna watch it now I can't wait!!

Baseball Fury 1st November 2011 11:24 AM

UK3D from Movietyme means "3 Day", meaning the stock is stored in the UK and you'll get it within 3 days. Same disc, just different postage method/warehouse.

Also, just ordered The Lion King for my kiddywink as a 1st Birthday/Xmas pressie. (Dec 30th!)


He'll appreciate it when he's older!

BAKA 1st November 2011 11:33 AM

October pick ups:

A good haul I think. Zombie is easily one of my most anticipated releases on Blu. I was also happy to see the Halloween BD get reprinted in the UK, as I missed it before it went out of print, and I was lucky enough to catch it at just above 5 at HMV, before they increased the price. Another great issue of TDS magazine. Fangoria is even pretty decent this month too. Finally getting my mits on Dark Night of the Scarecrow, after hearing so much about it for years, and also Night of the Demon. Finally got around to picking up Code Red's 30th Anniversary Edition of Madman, after hearing it's not on Arrow's radar at the moment. Visiting Hours is another slasher I have fond memories of, and after hearing the film it's double featured with (Bad Dreams) was directed by the guy who directed The Craft, I'm actually looking forward to seeing that too. Maniac Cop was a must have for me, I just hope enough people pick it up to tempt Arrow to try and sort out the mess with Maniac Cop 2, because it's so deserving of Blu, even moreso than the original, imo.

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 1st November 2011 11:38 AM

Great haul, BAKA. :cool:

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 1st November 2011 11:40 AM

Just used (almost) all of my Axel reward points on this:

nekromantik 1st November 2011 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by James Morton (Post 194399)
I already have the UK THE THING blu ray, but I bought the R1 CE dvd which is anamorphic unlike the UKR2

oh right. fair enough :)

sawyer6 1st November 2011 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by bizarre_eye@Cult Labs (Post 194464)
Just used (almost) all of my Axel reward points on this:

Love this cover!!!

Stephen@Cult Labs 1st November 2011 01:17 PM

This bad boy arrived today. :)

nekromantik 1st November 2011 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Stephen@Cult Labs (Post 194485)
This bad boy arrived today. :)

love the cover.
I got the steely of wanted its a awesome flick.

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