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Gojirosan 10th November 2009 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by bdc (Post 47446)
Messiah of Evil: The Second Coming - 35th Anniversary Special Edition (Code Red)

Must get this. Is it a nice package? There's film-maker's commentary isn't there?

Gojirosan 10th November 2009 10:45 AM

Doesn't matter...I just ordered it!


pedromonkey 10th November 2009 10:49 AM

picked up some real bargins over the last few weeks........

2019: after the fall of new york
new barbarians
bronx warriors
-8.03 all three

chucky the killer collection
- 7.03

zombie 3
zombie 4
zombie 5
-7.88 all three

zombie holocaust
burial ground
-11.77 all three

Audition -uncut r1
- 6.00

tombs of the blind dead
return of the blind dead
new york ripper - shameless
phantom of death - shameless
-20.00 all 5 films

friday 13th uncut r1
friday 13th prt 2 R2 x 2 (accidentally orderd 2)
friday 13th prt 3
friday 13th prt 4
Re-Animator: 2 disc collectors edition
april fools day
House by the cemetary - arrow release
quatermass and the pit
house on haunted hill (vincent price)
inglorious bastards - castellari
the second coming - christopher eccleston tv drama (he' play's jesus)
snow white: a tale of terror
crank 2
outlander - vikings and aliens

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 10th November 2009 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Gojirosan (Post 47448)
Must get this. Is it a nice package? There's film-maker's commentary isn't there?

I'm still awaiting the arrival of my copy! :couch:

Stephen@Cult Labs 10th November 2009 11:49 AM

Finally got around to watching My Night Of The Creeps blu-ray yesterday and can't recommend it enough.Picture quality is excellent and no hint of DNR in sight.Some of the night time scenes are quite grainy and imo it looks lovely,very film-like.This is the first time i've seen the director's original ending (restored back into the film on this blu-ray) and I'm torn as to which one I like better but I think i'd go with the theatrical (dog) ending (if only for that fact that it would be easier to bring a character back if Fred Dekker ever got the chance to do a sequel) .It's just a pity that it's only available as an extra on the disc and you can't watch it as part of the film.

I listened to the commentary with writer/director Fred Dekker and played the trivia track alongside it.The commentary is pretty entertaining and the trivai track quite informative,for example,I didn't relaize that actress Jill Whitlow was in Porky's and also played the perfume seller in Weird science (don't know how I missed that one!).

Thrill Me: Making Night Of The Creeps is a great 1 hour documentary split into 5 parts and looks at the genesis of the project,casting the actors,creating the creeps and also a look at the recent screening at the Alamo Draughthouse,where a few fans are interviewed following the screening,including one guy who seems a little down now that his NOTC laserdisc that he paid a hefty sum for is now worthless lol.The doc also discusses the director's cut ending so if you haven't seen it, don't watch the doc beforehand or get ready to shut your eyes and cover you ears for a few minutes like I had to.

Next up is 7 deleted scenes that have been shown in tv versions of the movie and I would have loved to have seen most of them put back iinto the film,especially the ones with Tom Atkins' detective Cameron.You can never have enough Tom Atkins :)

And last,but certainly not least is Tom Atkins:Man Of Action where Tom discusses his career and talks about some of his favourite roles.It's a great piece and well worth watching if you're a fan (and who wouldn't be?)

So all in all,a really solid release for one of the best cult films from the 80's and although it's taken a while to get the treatment it deserves,It was well worth the wait

:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

(p.s. It's coded for regions A,B and C)

Philleh 10th November 2009 12:31 PM

Just grabbed the Anchor Bay boxset for Coffin Joe. 9 films for 20? Yes please!!

42ndStreetFreak 10th November 2009 12:48 PM

So does this NOT have the 'dog' ending then?

I hated that ending. Stupidly, needlessly downbeat ending to a fun time film that then ultimately wasted Atkin's actions at the end.

Stephen@Cult Labs 10th November 2009 01:37 PM

The dog ending is on the disc as an extra,not as part of the film.The film has Fred Dekkers original ending restored (changed my last post to make it a little clearer) :)

ponga 10th November 2009 03:03 PM

The New York Ripper is my first old-age horror film on BD and I'm
impress with PQ&AQ. Blue Undergrond is amazing with this release
in HD quality!:popcorn:

I hope the other classic horror films on BD will come out in next year:eyebrows:

(I'm just order Night of The Creeps (BD) & Stagefright (DVD):loco:)

Stephen@Cult Labs 10th November 2009 03:08 PM

You won't be dissapointed with the Night Of The Creeps blu-ray :)

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