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bdc 8th August 2015 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by DARKANGEL (Post 458996)
Oh that's awesome man, feel free to hit me up: I love this one as well (can't you tell from my avatar lol) and enjoy talking about it. I love the man's films and am a huge fan of Ms. Giordano.

A polarizing film among the Bava enthusiasts. I know many who like Bava's films don't think too highly of Four times....and I guess I can see why. It is obviously a much different movie compared to his "classics". It's kind of like when Metallica put out the "Load" & "Reload" albums!

I happen to enjoy it; I think it's stylish and totally reeks of that time period from the music, to the outfits, just everything man.

I have like 4-5 different copies of the film lol. Pretty much all the different one's you get as an option on Amazon and I have this one italian version that has like a purple cover. I got it for the sake of having it but I don't recommend it as the print sucks and looks vintage- as if they copied it from an old VHS or something. Either Raro video/Minerva or Image Entertainment one's are the only one's worth getting. You can get the Image Entertainment one as a part of a double feature with 5 dolls for an august moon.

I've got it in the second Bava box,seems a lot of those releases are oop now. ;)
5 Dolls is another favourite over here. :thumb:

SharonLynette 8th August 2015 10:49 PM


Originally Posted by bizarre_eye@Cult Labs (Post 458993)
Phantom has quickly become my favourite De Palma film. :nod:

Yeah, you know I find De Palma hit and miss which is why I didn't have high hopes. I either love his films or hate them.

DARKANGEL 8th August 2015 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by bdc (Post 459001)
I've got it in the second Bava box,seems a lot of those releases are oop now. ;)
5 Dolls is another favourite over here. :thumb:

Yeah, I think the only edition of Four times that night that isn't out of print is the one that has a red cover. You can get it for like $15 bucks or something brand new from Amazon. All the other one's are either unavailable or they cost more. Often times you can find them on ebay for not too much.

I heard from somewhere that Arrow was going to put it and I had asked them directly if this was true or not. They got back to me and said they wanted to eventually release everything Bava had done. There is supposedly an english audio track to the film, wonder if it'll ever see the light of day. I came across it in an interview from Alfredo Leone, the producer, where he said he wasn't happy about it.

keirarts 9th August 2015 07:05 AM

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My friend Jim Websters New Book Flotsam is out on kindle and worth a go at 0.98p Flotsam or Jetsam eBook: Jim Webster: Kindle Store

Robot jox off Amazon (watch 88 now acquire it!) Rest from HMV.

JoshuaKaitlyn 9th August 2015 03:57 PM

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and from the local charity shop:

Attachment 168602
I know, I know but it came with a set of Tarot card....and it has Alyssa Milano in it!

Attachment 168603
Its the american NTSC version but I dont mind that.

platostotal 9th August 2015 04:50 PM

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Found in CEX for£1

trebor8273 9th August 2015 08:23 PM

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Some carboot sale finds

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JoshuaKaitlyn 9th August 2015 09:36 PM

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Hey trebor....Still going to keep that avatar?
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keirarts 9th August 2015 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by trebor8273 (Post 459084)

Steins Gate and Baccano are must watch series.

Demoncrat 10th August 2015 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by JoshuaKaitlyn (Post 459093)
Hey trebor....Still going to keep that avatar?
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liking yours btw JK....

UK Artificial Eye dvd of Meloncholia £1.
UK Paramount dvd Paranormal Activity 3. As this is getting "redonated", I will try and do a review, as i haven't in ages. It's nae going to be glowing haha

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