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Nordicdusk 6th October 2015 07:30 AM

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Just pre ordered this Mondo Steelbook down for a January release.

ArgentoFan1987 6th October 2015 10:39 AM

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The Anthropophagous Beast just arrived this morning!!! Not seen it yet!!!

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Justin101 6th October 2015 10:43 AM

Booked some train tickets to go back to Manchester at the weekend, gonna visit Fopp (again) and fill my boots with 88 Films and Shameless DVDs/BDs

Still annoyed that I missed the halloween sale by a day hah :lol:

bdc 6th October 2015 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Horrormad1983 (Post 463628)
Hey I was just wondering how long Network takes to ship as i'm waiting on near enough 400 worth of discs. I ordered last Wednesday and had an email Thursday saying the discs were shipped. I sent network an email today and haven't had any response as of yet. What a shocking service after spending an absolute fortune.

Network doesn't ship themselves,seems Sony ships for them. They usually arrive reasonably fast...just got my Fedex delivery (1 day delayed btw).

"Sony DADC, who fulfil all of our orders, use cost effective and fast methods to ensure the efficient delivery of your order."

bdc 6th October 2015 11:50 AM

Some new arrivals.

First off,thank you Amazon Italy for having crazy prizes!
Batman bd box set for EUR 27,96 (including shipping). :woot:

From Wongfeihung62,thanks Terry.
Holy Virgin dvd has the nude version btw. ;)

Mad Mad Ghost VCD from eBay,thanks Aarron.

Some more (Project S is not English friendly btw):

bdc 6th October 2015 12:09 PM

Also picked up these 2 big "coffee table books" at work for 2,50 Euro total. :)

Graeme73 6th October 2015 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Nordicdusk (Post 463599)
Still not seen a history of violence but i love the other two films.

I enjoyed it too but found it finishing when it had just got going!

Graeme73 6th October 2015 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by gag (Post 463616)
Some good buy there from you lot.

History of violence comsidering its cronenberg first main attempt at none borror its a great film. Only fault i had was could of be doing a bit longer.
Kimda felt ending was a tadge rushed and over before it really began
Because of what cronenberg films are like watch it without in mind that its a cronenberg film. Excellent all the same.

Ha...just read this thoughts exactly ;)

gag 6th October 2015 04:11 PM

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I keep forgetting to post my recent hauls

Caligula still sealed uncut 156 min 2
Deadbeat at dawn 8
Superman of steel 2
Cars that ate paris 2

Bought from people of fb sites pp inc.

Few other films awaiting frontiers is another 2

trebor8273 6th October 2015 06:05 PM

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Today's deliveries

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