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Susan Foreman 21st December 2019 06:57 PM


The Complete Goodies - 14 disc - 40

J Harker 22nd December 2019 02:16 PM

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Currently 7.99 in HMV with any purchase. Attachment 221496

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Nostalgic 22nd December 2019 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Dave Boy (Post 617363)
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I don't even own any star wars at the moment, is there a simple way to get the original trilogy non-cgi'd?

Dave Boy 22nd December 2019 04:11 PM

The only official releases of The Original Trilogy are on the 2006 DVD releases and are added as a bonus disc in each set.

There are various fan restorations out there. The most popular being Harmy's Despecialised Editions on Blu ray.
These awesome deluxe sets also feature multiple audio tracks including the mono track for Star Wars. These are usually downloaded but can be sought out on ebay.
There is also an awesome Silver Screen Edition Blu Ray of Star Wars on Blu Ray sourced from a 35mm print.

trebor8273 23rd December 2019 12:15 AM

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Couldn't help myself just pre ordered this. The little guy is going to make Disney a tonnes of money.

iank 23rd December 2019 07:44 AM


Demdike@Cult Labs 23rd December 2019 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by trebor8273 (Post 617440)
Couldn't help myself just pre ordered this. The little guy is going to make Disney a tonnes of money.

Do Cex take dolls?


bleakshaun 23rd December 2019 12:07 PM

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Just one
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Nosferatu@Cult Labs 23rd December 2019 03:28 PM

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Purchased this morning from HMV:

nosferatu42 24th December 2019 11:49 AM

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This turned up today, stumbled across a trailer/clip on youtube about a year ago and thought it looked interesting, so when i saw MM were releasing it i grabbed it.:santanukem:

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