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The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 28th October 2009 09:59 PM

Upcoming UK Blu-ray Releases
Find a cult favourite?
A nice tin or boxset?
An overseas release with nice artwork or extras?
Post it here folks.
Pictures and/or links are welcome .....


The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 28th October 2009 10:16 PM

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Here's some mouth watering goodies for starters:woot:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 28th October 2009 10:19 PM

Both Chucky films are from Amazon France.Waiting on a reply from them to see if BRIDE contains an English soundtrack option.....
THE TOOLBOX MURDERS isn't out until JAN 26 2010...Cheer us up in the most depressing month of the year!
All the other Blue Underground titles are out now and are all Region 0 and of course DAWN OF THE DEAD is at HMV now....what you waiting for?:poke:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 30th October 2009 08:22 PM

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]Tarantino fans who don't mind shopping at Amazon France-rejoice!
The KILL BILL duo are steelbooks

kevxxx1 30th October 2009 09:46 PM

I'm waiting for the Japanese cut of Kill Bill to arrive on Blu Ray :eyebrows:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 31st October 2009 12:19 AM

Probably a good idea to get the slaughter scene in colour.The French standard dvd was also in b&w....:ohwell:
But I can't resist steelbooks with classy art....:party:

vincenzo 31st October 2009 12:24 AM

And this is how that phenomenal scene looks intact and in colour. :fencing:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 31st October 2009 12:25 AM

Literally night and day.:doh:

LineSix 31st October 2009 12:48 PM

Concerning the slaughter scene, I watched Kill Bill when it was on TV a while back, and I'm pretty sure it was in colour and not black and white like those pictures on that link...

vincenzo 31st October 2009 01:04 PM

From what I recall reading it was the same as the worldwide (b/w) print. Can anyone confirm?

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