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wonderlust 15th July 2012 11:17 PM

Renato Polselli's Delirium

Hawkmonger 16th July 2012 07:22 AM

Short Night of the Glass Dolls-
As the Midnight thrillers box set is my only forthcoming pre-order from BU (I had to cancel the other three Midnight movies bvox sets to pay for Bike repairs) I thought i'd check out the other Lado Giallo featured in the set alongside the astounding 'Who Saw Her Die?'.
And you know what, i'm really rather impressed. There plot device of the hour is very ingenius and original, for the Giallo genre at least.
The concept of having the main character lie comatoes for the portion of the film as the mystery unravels through flash backs, it's a clever way to keep two plot thread's weaving at once.
Jean Sorel is brilliently cast as the sophisticated, man about town type Gregory Moore, and American journalist in Prague, while the beautiful Barbara Bach play's lover and abconty girlfreind Mira Svoboda.
The hallucanagenic quality of several scene's add's to the mystery, leading you to, on occasion, doubt that what you are seeing is the litteral event's or some dopped interpretation.
The Ennio Morricone score is sub par for him but there is one track that haunted me for hours after viewing, the main theme (?) was just amazing and amongst one of his best.
SNotGD further cement's Lado as one of the great Giallo directors, refraining from explicit gore and coming more close to the early Argento flick's mearly add's to the extra layer of class. There is so little Lado readily available on DVD (or even BD) that i'm beggining to cry CRIME!!!!!
Highly recomended.

Demoncrat 16th July 2012 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by bdc (Post 257815)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

The nineties were a bad period for US horror (with a few exceptions) and this shows exactly what was wrong...

A great cast is basically wasted in this underwhelming "horror comedy" (aimed at teenage girls I think?) with minimal blood and the most inoffensive and clueless vampires I've seen in a while (they're not even scary).

Apparently it got a mixed reception and was only moderately successful,luckily the tv series that followed was better.
I've read there's to be a remake...maybe not a bad idea as there's much room for improvement here.

Ah, I have a soft spot for this one, i never really considered it a horror film etc, and I will watch Hauer in anything (even "Past Midinght" cough cough)

Watched 40 seconds of Twilight. Why is it that colour, i wonder?:rolleyes::confused:

Mesrine: Public Enemy Number One. Just as mindboggling as the first part (indeed truth IS stranger than fiction....). I hope that BBC4 will show Carlos The Jackal at some point (in one sitting hahahaha ahem)

James Morton 16th July 2012 12:49 PM


PaulD 16th July 2012 02:29 PM

Watched The Woman In Black last night. Really enjoyed it; tense, scary, well-directed and acted. Really wish I'd seen it in the cinema now, would have been so much more effective I suspect

ReturnToZero 16th July 2012 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by wonderlust (Post 257867)
Renato Polselli's Delirium

bizarre_eye's all time favourite. He wanks off like a hyena when he watches it, A HYENA!

Hawkmonger 16th July 2012 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by ReturnToZero (Post 257958)
bizarre_eye's all time favourite. He wanks off like a hyena when he watches it, A HYENA!

And you whould know this HOW?:pound:

ReturnToZero 16th July 2012 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by Hawkmonger (Post 257961)
And you whould know this HOW?:pound:

It's widely known, ask anybody. But if you are interested in details you have to ask Sleazy Pete.

Gojirosan 16th July 2012 04:17 PM

The Hunter - 2011 Australia d: Daniel Nettheim

A stunning piece of cinema. A simple story told incredibly well and featuring some mind-blowingly beautiful Tasmanian wilderness. Willem Dafoe is exceptional as a hunter hired by a dubious corporation to track down the supposedly extinct thylacine. It's mystery, thriller, drama; under-stated yet still intense. I thought it almost Bergmanesque at times.

The cast are superb and the film brilliantly made with quite an emotional impact.

There are some unpleasant shots of animal evisceration and carcasses if you are squeamish.

Nordicdusk 16th July 2012 06:50 PM

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Worst film ever or BEST film ever that is the question.

But in all seriousness this is rubbish but i love it all the same. Its one of the funniest films i have ever seen and its even better because its not supposed to be funny. If anyone has not seen this please look up the scenes on Youtube.

Great film to watch with a few mate and just laugh your ass off. Beer might help kill the pain of what you are watching but all round a good time or bad time what ever way you wanna look at it.

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