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nekromantik 7th June 2010 01:55 PM

Saw Exam last night.

Was a pretty good Brit Thriller.

Its about 8 people who attend a exam for a new job. And there is one question and one answer and they get 80 mins to figure it out.

Was very entertaining but it did rip other movies off in the whole strangers brought together in one room and have to solve something. I like the last 2 brit movies I watched, this and Heartless.

8/10 Recommended.

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 7th June 2010 02:01 PM

I watched the Italian cut of Martin last night. It's a very interesting alternative to the American version, without the radio talk-show bits and with the opening few scenes reordered so that the murder on the train takes place once Martin has arrived in Pittsburgh and get the train with his cousin to Braddock, not on the way from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh. I hope to have my review up later today, so keep an eye out!

pedromonkey 7th June 2010 03:13 PM

watched 2 non horror films yesterday....

Up In The Air: this george Clooney starring film was a nice flick, not offensive, not vulger, not melodramatic, not overlong and had some great performances from Clooney and Vera Farmiga. and a great role for Anna Kendricks. I recommend this film as it's a good film to watch on a rainy night. 8/10

Ponyo: what can i say about ponyo, it's marvellous, such a sweet film and shows that not all Anime has to have robots in it, Ponyo goes to show that Hayao Miyazaki is the japanese walt disney and in my opinion better, everything Studio Ghibli puts out has more heart and effort put into it than anything disney has done since the Lion King....9/10

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 7th June 2010 03:17 PM

I love Ponyo and think it's a great movie. I reviewed the Blu-ray Disc last week so, if you want to read a bit more than that one sentence, just follow the link in my signature and look on the sidebar.

pedromonkey 7th June 2010 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Nosferatu (Post 84759)
I love Ponyo and think it's a great movie. I reviewed the Blu-ray Disc last week so, if you want to read a bit more than that one sentence, just follow the link in my signature and look on the sidebar.

just read your review which was brilliant, and i agree with everything you said. It's a shame that The Ghibli films are not as well promoted as disney/dreamworks films and its great to see 2D cell animation still being created by a genuinly brilliant company. On the catalogue of Ghibli films, i find Spirited Away a very good film but prefer the earlier stuff like Laputa, Totoro and Porco Rosso, i also have a soft spot for Kiki's Delivery service and The Cat Returns...

Aurora75 7th June 2010 04:45 PM

Forbidden World.

Loved this film, quality 80's alien rip off with sexy space chicks, an action hero, a crazy professor and a cool robot. Not to mention the silly alien. Very entertaining..

Philleh 7th June 2010 04:49 PM

Recently I've watched:

Secret (South Korean)
No Mercy (South Korean)
Rough Cut (South Korean)
Fire of Conscience (Hong Kong)
And... Best of the Best! Yeah! :thumb:

mercury 8th June 2010 11:58 AM

Saw the Uninvited at the weekend. It was ok and had a twist I didn't see comming.

Also watched non horror Trains, Planes and Automobiles. What a great film, still makes me laugh and I have seen it so many times:laugh:

Stephen@Cult Labs 8th June 2010 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by Philleh (Post 84788)
And... Best of the Best! Yeah! :thumb:

I watched all 4 Best Of The Best movies recently.Quality entertainment..well the first 2 anway.BOTB2 is a bona fide classic as far as I'm concerned :)

Watched 2 dvds from Boulevard's B-Movie Collection last night,The Stuff and Hell Comes To Frogtown.Next on the list is Return to Horror High.

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 8th June 2010 06:32 PM

Re-watched Shameless' Baba Yaga last night - not my favourite release of their's but great quality all the same.

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