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WaveCrest 29th September 2008 10:42 PM


Early Edition: Season One (R1)

DVD (Film):

Bryan Loves You (R1) - horror movie
The Dead Girl (R2) - murder mystery/ensemble drama.

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 29th September 2008 11:39 PM

The Last Shark-hilarious Jaws ripoff with a shark that has a bigger IQ than Carol Vorderman and can eat helicopters.....what the hell accent is Vic Morrow supposed to have? Irish? Italain?.....:rofl:
Almar,you mentioned this a while back-well worth getting a hold of mate....;)

abaddon 1st October 2008 12:11 PM

I bought the UK Lone Wolf & Cub boxset ages, but a couple of the movies were cut and picture quality was fairly poor. Ended up selling them on ebay and getting most of my money back. I bought the R1 singles in a DeepDiscountDVD sale rather than the boxset to avoid import duty and being ripped off by the post office. Absolutely cracking set of films. Shogun Assassin was based on the first two movies, Sword Of Vengeance & Baby Cart At The River Styx, probably my favourites of the series. I know the third movie Baby Cart To Hades, was also released as Shogun Assassin 2: Lightening Swords Of Death but didn?t know the rest had. I don?t know if Shogun Assasin was recut & dubbed like the original Shogun Assassin, or if its just a renaming.


abaddon 1st October 2008 01:13 PM

It's been a while since I gave a run-down on my recent purchases, so here goes:

All The Colours Of The Dark - Instantly became one of my favourite Giallos of all time. Can't recommend this enough.
The Beast In Space - Bought both versions, but should have listened to advice and just gone for the unrated one. Definitely one of the so-bad-its-good movies. I was surprised how badly Sirpa Lane had aged though since The Beast.
Blood Trilogy - Enjoyed Blood Feast & particularly Two Thousand Maniacs but thought Colour Me Blood Red was just boring.
Cloverfield - Didn't think I'd enjoy this, but actually thought it was quite good.
Doriana Grey - Not Franco's finest moment - leaves far too little to the imagination and has a really poor dub. Why couldn't we have had subtitles to go with the original language soundtrack.
Evilspeak - Just seen the extended version so far on this Anchor Bay double disc. Nice little movie and probably sits in the middle of the video nasty spectrum. Well worth watching once you've run out of the top-tier nasties.
Flesh For The Beast - Got this in a Shriek Show triple feature. It's the R-rated version rather than the unrated-version, but I can't see a bit more flesh making this any better. Avoid. Already put this on eBay.
French Connection & French Connection II - Haven't seen these in ages and managed to pick up this double feature really cheaply. I know the first movie is meant to be the classic, but I actually preferred the sequel which is very unusual for me. Both fantastic films though.
The Gore Gore Girls - My favourite H.G. Lewis movie. It may be seedy exploitative trash, but it's exceedingly good seedy exploitative trash.
Inglorious Bastards - One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time. I'm really dreading to see what Tarantino does to the remake. I bought the 3-disc SE and can thoroughly recommend it.
James Bond Collection - Saw this for 60 quid at HMV and couldn't resist it. I'm about half way through the set (watching in order of production rather than the daft order it comes in) and enjoying every minute. Plenty of nostalgia value.
Jess Franco Double Bill Vol. 2 - Devil Island Lovers was quite enjoyable. Believe it or not, replacing the copious quantities of nudity usually seen in Franco's other entries in this genre with some plot actually made it a decent movie. Shame we couldn't have had both though. I found Night Of The Assassin quite boring.
Rambo - Great for a mainstream film. Unbelievable carnage levels. Highly recommended particularly now its hit the sales.
Visiting Hours - OK but not worth its reputation as a video nasty even in its uncut import state. Still, one for the collection.
Werewolf Woman - Also got this in a Shriek Show triple feature (probably the same one that Flesh For The Beast came in). Surprised myself my really enjoying this, though if you buy it to see werewolves you're going to be disappointed - apart from a five minute intro there aren't any to be seen. Still, highly recommended piece of psychological exploitation horror.
Witch Who Came From The Sea - Another video nasty and one of the better ones. Can't believe I haven't seen this until now. Got the R1 import since I already had most of the other films in the Box Of The Banned.


Creepshow 1st October 2008 02:35 PM

I got it some time ago but anyone missing the CREEPSHOW 2-Disc Special Edition is seriously missing out.

What a release...

Matt 2nd October 2008 09:02 AM has an excellent horror sale on at the moment (it's under their 'DVD Bargains' section as 'Price Massacre'). I had to limit my spending because the missus would have chainsawed my face off had I bought everything I wanted, but I ordered the Scanners Trilogy, the Phantasm boxset and The Crazies which came to about ?20. They've got some great stuff in there for ?3. I was on the brink of ordering the Sleepaway Camp trilogy for ?6, but figured the madness had to end somewhere and since I've only seen the first and wasn't a fan that was probably the place to stop.

Also picked up the Wicker Man 3 disc set from HMV at the weekend for ?7.

Sarah@Cult Labs 2nd October 2008 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Matt (Post 14956)
I was on the brink of ordering the Sleepaway Camp trilogy for ?6, but figured the madness had to end somewhere and since I've only seen the first and wasn't a fan that was probably the place to stop.

The second and third Sleepaway Camp films are quite good. Bar being set in summer camps, they're very different to the first film which, if I remember rightly, was quite slow and stylised. Parts 2 and 3 are a bit like postmodern horror before there was postmodern horror. Worth a watch although I think some of the gore is still cut...

Matt 2nd October 2008 03:00 PM

I have since caved in and bought the Sleepaway Camp set. So it's good to know that the sequels might be better.

It's terrible really, I think being bored at work accounts for about half the DVD's I buy.

Sarah@Cult Labs 2nd October 2008 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by Matt (Post 14982)
It's terrible really, I think being bored at work accounts for about half the DVD's I buy.

I have a similar problem. Right now I'm meant to be reading a book on media and politics (doesn't that sound exciting?) but somehow I managed to convince myself to browse instead!

Halloween_22 3rd October 2008 12:18 PM

Cheers for the info on Just stopped by and picked up Sleepaway Camp trilogy, Trauma, Ghosts of Edendale, The Exterminator, The Crazies, CHUD 2: Bud the Chud, Razorback, Children shouldn't play with dead Things and Mother of Tears. The whole lot for 30 quid :cool:

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