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Demoncrat 27th January 2022 09:00 AM

Behind The Curve (2018, Daniel J Clark)

Documentary following some flat earthers around. Mainly muricans. The filmmaker makes no judgements, letting them hang themselves with their own words. Being forced to pray to a piece of cloth in school does sort of "prep" these folks for this sort of nonsense imho.
There is some drama as the chap who claims to have "created" FE throws the odd tantrum on the internet.
Can I recommend it? Not really, hence putting it here. Have at it if you need cheering up. :nod:

MrBarlow 27th January 2022 06:14 PM

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Shock. 1977.

Father and son Mario and Lamberto Bava bring us this little horror chiller, a mix of a haunted house and possession, Daria Nicolodi, John Steiner and David Colin Jr move into the house that belonged to Nicolodi and her former husbamd who committed suicide and her son's attitude begins to change. Don't expect it to be like full blown possession even though we do see a rotten flesh hand, Marco dry humping his mother and slowly touching her up. The Blu-Ray release is one of the decent picture quality and sound version I have seen of this film.

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MrBarlow 27th January 2022 08:23 PM

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Duel. 1971.

Driving on a lone road on your own can be hellish, Dennis Weaver finds that out in this one when he is stalked by a 18 wheeler truck in a game of cat and mouse. Weaver is portrayed as a mild mannered guy who does not like confrontation yet is trying to find a way to fight back. Spielberg's directorial debut and shows his first hand talent before becoming a great film director, this has always been enjoyable to watch and still has the suspense.

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MrBarlow 28th January 2022 06:44 PM

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Goodbye Charlie. 1964.

A womanizer is shot on a yacht by the husband of a woman he is flirting with, a memorial service is held and after the party a naked woman appears and has amnesia, George believes that it's Charlie who has been reincarnated as a woman.

Some people believe that there is a God and a good joker, Debbie Reynolds plays the reincarnated Charley who begins to freak out when he/she realises what's happened and makes it a bit more comical. Tony Curtis plays the friend George and knows Charlie will never change, the two onscreen actors play both parts really well. Walter Matthau shows up as the jealous husband and may want to take another shot. This does a have a bit of a slow build up with the characters but then becomes a good comedy.

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Demoncrat 28th January 2022 07:46 PM

Don't Look Up

Not as clever as it thinks it is, edging it slightly into smug territory imho.
Mark Rylance did make me laugh with his "Steve Musk" character tbh.
Broad strokes are applied throughout.
Me? I'm going back to The Tube methinks! :nod:

MrBarlow 29th January 2022 02:59 AM

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Heidi. 1937.

Story of the little orphan girl who goes to stay with her grumpy grandpa in the Swiss Alps.

Finally managed to see this version, even though it's not exactly true to the book but you gotta love Shirley Temple and that sweet little laugh she has along side Jean Hersholt as the secluded Grandpa who manages to play the mean old man and soon friendly giant. With every kids story there is also a mean cold hearted antagonist Mary Nash who plays the housekeeper to disabled Marcia Mae Jones slowly becomes part of Heidi's and grandpa lives. Entertaining to watch at stupid O'clock in the morning :lol:

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MrBarlow 29th January 2022 06:01 PM

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The Glass Bottom Boat. 1966.

This was a bit of a screwball comedy with Doris Day and Rod Taylor who hires Day to be his biographer and his boss thinks she is a Russian spy and has her put under surveillance. This may not be one of Doris Day's best film but certainly shows her comedy that can be laughable, Paul Linde is able to provide more comedy and trying to pass as a female. At almost 2 hours I felt that some parts seem to drag on a bit but entertaining enough to pass some time.

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Demdike@Cult Labs 29th January 2022 10:30 PM

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Fascination (1979)

Fascination is one of French director Jean Rollin's most accessible works. The plot is quite straightforward and the production boasts one of the most iconic images of Gothic European horror - that of Brigitte Lahaie crossing the bridge dressed only in a open black robe whilst brandishing a scythe.

Taking Rollin's classic elements of beautiful women, vampires, nudity and horror and allowing then to play out in a fun agreeable manner makes Fascination for me, his masterpiece.

The Blackhouse / Screenbound Blu-ray, licensed from Salvation Films (The Salvation logo is there for all to see on the reverse) looks very nice and although extras free for the price i paid - 6 from the recent Classic Films Direct sale - was a bit of a bargain.

Demoncrat 29th January 2022 11:34 PM

Fascination is something of a trifecta for me, 1979, Rollin, off kilter in extremis etc. :nod:

So glad you "got it" D. :hail:

For my sins ...

My Lucky Stars (1985, Sammo Hung)

Prime Peking Opera Boys. Somewhat more serious in tone than others, our plucky trio face off against insurmountable odds with aplomb. Recommended. Plot? REALLY??? :lol:

Demdike@Cult Labs 30th January 2022 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by Demoncrat (Post 666360)
Fascination is something of a trifecta for me, 1979, Rollin, off kilter in extremis etc. :nod:

So glad you "got it" D. :hail:

It's certainly a vast improvement on the old Redemption dvd i got free with Video World.

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