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mark meakin 6th August 2013 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by b.m.fruen (Post 275492)
I own italian dvd's of Beyond darkness (La casa 5), Metamorphosis (Dna formula letale) and Deep red (Profondo rosso).
Beyond darkness and Metamorphosis are both on the Medusa label and appear to have been sourced from original film elements (however, the audio on Metamorphosis is VHS sourced).
Deep red is on the Platinum Media Corporation label and while it is an English dvd company, the only audio option is Italian along with English subtitles. The movie appears to be VHS sourced, but I'm not too sure.
Soon, I'll be buying Body count on the Quadrifoglio label. It has 2.0 English and 5.0 Italian audio options.

I have the Quadrifoglio release of William Fruet's KILLER PARTY.Nice looking widescreen version with English audio,but a routine slasher further ruined by MGM's decision to precut virtually every murder.Still preferable to the US MOD release.

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