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gag 12th May 2022 03:11 AM

Susan Foreman 12th May 2022 09:17 PM

Coming in 2024

THIS IS SPINAL TAP Is Getting a Sequel 40 Years Later / Nerdist

gag 16th May 2022 01:52 PM

Nightmare On Elm Street's Reboot Should Be A Freddy Kruger Prequel

gag 16th May 2022 01:53 PM

Prey teaser trailer. Predator 5

Demdike@Cult Labs 16th May 2022 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by gag (Post 670616)
Prey teaser trailer. Predator 5

I always look forward to any new Predator film and sadly usually end up totally let down.

That last one was atrocious.

gag 16th May 2022 07:39 PM

David Cronenberg Plans on Turning His Novel ‘Consumed’ into a Movie
As you may recall, it was announced way back in 2017 that David Cronenberg‘s novel Consumed was becoming a series at AMC, but alas, that project never came to be. As it turns out, Cronenberg’s Consumed subsequently found its way over to Netflix as a potential series for the streaming service, but that project has also failed to come to fruition.

Speaking with Variety this week, Cronenberg details what happened with Netflix’s Consumed series, while also teasing that the project is now taking the form of a non-Netflix movie.

“I tried and we got to two episodes, and then they decided not to do it,” Cronenberg explains. “And I was disappointed because I was interested in streaming in cinematic terms. I thought that would be a very interesting experience for me as a writer, as a creator, and then also as a director. And maybe I’ll have that experience one day…”

Cronenberg continues, “So the project that I was talking to Netflix about, it will be feature film instead. I don’t have a screenplay yet for that but I will be writing that.”

Speaking about Netflix in an earlier portion of the Variety interview, Cronenberg notes, “And I think my feeling is I really was very interested in the whole Netflix streaming phenomenon, definitely. But I think that they’re still very conservative. I mean, I think they’re still like a Hollywood studio. I thought maybe they would be different.

“The difference is that Netflix can show very interesting streaming series from Korea, from Finland, and they say it’s a Netflix original, but it isn’t really — it’s something they have acquired. But I think when it comes to their actual production that they do themselves, they’re very conservative. I think they think in mainstream terms, that’s my experience with them anyway.”

Cronenberg’s debut novel Consumed was published in 2015. In the novel, “Stylish and camera-obsessed, Naomi and Nathan thrive on the yellow journalism of the social-media age. Naomi finds herself drawn to the headlines surrounding a famous couple, Célestine and Aristide, Marxist philosophers and sexual libertines. Célestine has been found dead, and Aristide has disappeared. Police suspect him of killing her and consuming parts of her body. Yet Naomi sets off to find him, and as she delves deeper into the couple’s lives, she discovers the news story may only skim the surface of the disturbing acts they performed together. Journalist Nathan, meanwhile, is in Budapest photographing the controversial work of an unlicensed surgeon named Zoltán Molnár, once sought by Interpol for organ trafficking. After sleeping with one of Molnár’s patients, Nathan contracts a rare STD called Roiphe’s and travels to Toronto, determined to meet the man who discovered the syndrome. Dr. Barry Roiphe, Nathan learns, now studies his own adult daughter, whose bizarre behavior masks a devastating secret.”

MrBarlow 21st May 2022 06:31 PM

Law Abiding Citizen getting a sequel.

A sequel is in the works to F. Gary Gray’s 2009 action thriller “Law Abiding Citizen,” which starred Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.

No cast has been set for “Law Abiding Citizen 2,” but Butler will return as a producer on the film along with his partner Alan Siegel for G-Base, and the film’s original producer Lucas Foster and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer will also be reprising their creative roles on the sequel.

Village Roadshow Pictures and financier and producer Rivulet Films are working on the sequel, with Rivulet’s Rob Paris and Mike Witherill serving as producers. Foster will produce for his Warp Films banner. And Village Roadshow Pictures’ Tristen Tuckfield and Jillian Apfelbaum will executive produce.

The plot for the sequel is being kept under wraps.

Demdike@Cult Labs 21st May 2022 07:19 PM

Can't get enough Gerard Butler. :clap:

Susan Foreman 23rd May 2022 03:13 PM

The first official trailer for "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One"

The film is to be released in July 2023

Seeing as this is being noted as 'part 1', I think it's safe to say that Tom Cruise survives the big stunt at the end of the trailer!

Demdike@Cult Labs 23rd May 2022 05:41 PM

Good to have Kittridge back. Really look forward to MI: Dead Reckoning.

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