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trebor8273 10th October 2017 06:52 PM

Some nice effects, but that's about it very little happens and not much in the way of kills 6/10

It's not a very good film and the first is better acted, written and directed but far all its faults I enjoyed this more than the howling. 6.5/10

Now watching Phantasm 3, don't if I should watch another horror or have a change of pace and watch lego Batman.

Demdike@Cult Labs 10th October 2017 07:03 PM

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October 9th

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

This is now my new favourite Hammer Frankenstein film. Following on from creating a woman only to see her sacrifice herself and mucking up his experiments, Peter Cushing's Frankenstein takes it out on lovely Veronica Carlson, raping then murdering her.

Frankenstein is no longer the lovable rogue from the earlier films. Here he's quite mad and in a tense prologue is proved to now be the monster as he fights with a burglar who escapes as Cushing tears off a monstrous mask before kicking a severed head across the floor. Freddie Jones playing the real monster of sorts, the result of Frankenstein's experiments, is quite superb and evokes much of the viewers sympathy.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is grim and cynical and an ideal accompaniment to Corruption especially if you have a hankering to see Cushing's hair take on a life of it's own in a fight.

Inspector Abberline 10th October 2017 07:25 PM

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Shadow of a Doubt.(1943)

Joseph Cotten's manipulative con man and lady killer cannot do know wrong in the eyes of his family especially his name sake Young Charlie his niece played by Teresa Wright.Its a marvelous slow drip of a movie as uncle Charlie's motives slowly comes to light as his past catches up with him.Joseph Cotten as Uncle Charlie does not seem the most obvious choice as a serial killer,but his veneer of respectability soon slips as the cracks in his personality soon show the real Uncle Charlie..While not as explicit as Hitchcock's later film Psycho,or Frenzy,it does share some similar themes..Cotten's outburst "horrible, faded, fat, greedy women... Are they human or are they fat, wheezing animals, hmm? And what happens to animals when they get too fat and too old?" Well lets say he has some issues...Just marvelous..

trebor8273 10th October 2017 07:46 PM

My favourite next to the first film, taking at the end the second movie, Micheal Baldwin thankfully is back as Micheal. This time the tall man is obsessed with getting his hands on Micheal, Reggie adopts a kid and hooks up with another hot woman. You might of heard the word kid and thought well he will be annoying but thankfully he isn't and comes across as a very violent Kevin McCallister. 8/10

Decided to go with Lego Batman than another horror.


Trailer fixed don't why it was howling 2!

bleakshaun 10th October 2017 08:37 PM

Dead Silence
A young man and his girlfriend receive a package containing a ventriloquist dummy. The boyfriend leaves, then returns to find his girlfriend dead with no tongue. After this he becomes suspect number 1, he returns to his hometown and begins looking into a local legend.
I haven't watched this film in years and it still is as enjoyable as it was the last time I saw it. Really interesting concept as well as some tense moments which thankfully make up for an average soundtrack.

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Demoncrat 10th October 2017 10:21 PM

The Haunting (1963, Robert Wise)

The House Is Still Situated Next To The Cemetery btw.
MacColl & wee Calum. Behaving himself so far ....
May never watch the dub again :nod:

Demdike@Cult Labs 11th October 2017 01:23 PM

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October 10th

Halloween (2007)

Rob Zombie's remake / re-imagining of John Carpenter's horror classic is largely very successful. The first forty minutes are where Zombie excels, giving us a lot of previously unexplored background information on Michael Myers' childhood and attempting to deal with the hows and whys. Arguably this isn't a direction the film needed to go in as many agree the almost motiveless killer doesn't require back story but by going down this avenue Zombie tries something new rather than just a typical retread of familiar ground. It's an idea Zombie has fun with - the whole dysfunctional family is bread and butter to him following films such as The Devil's Rejects.

The second third is indeed familiar ground as it's basically a revamp of the Carpenter film. Introducing us to Laurie Strode, with the likable Scout Taylor-Compton replacing Jamie Lee Curtis and Danielle Harris, familiar to those with a liking for the original sequels as best friend Annie. Although it utilizes Carpenter's classic stalking themes and indeed Carpenter's classic 'Stalking' signature theme it doesn't really grip like the original film did. But then again no slasher has done in this respect, yet it's still more than competent.

It's only in the final third as Myers attempts to murder Laurie that the film unravels a touch, or if not unravels, then travels down all too familiar roads which are ten a penny in any old slasher film.

The film boasts an impressive cast with several horror icons taking roles - Ken Foree, Dee Wallace (looking as lovely as ever), Udo Keir, Sybil Danning, Richard Lynch, Brad Dourif, and Clint Howard as well as jobs for the boys - Sid Haig - and the missus - Sheri Moon. The casting of Malcolm McDowell is spot on as Dr. Loomis. No one will ever replace Donald Pleasence but McDowell does very well with an almost impossible job.

All in all, Rob Zombie's Halloween is a good film with enough differences to warrant watching. It's also one of the better remakes of classic horror films this century has thrust upon us.

Just don't mention the sequel...

Cinematic Shocks 11th October 2017 03:38 PM

DAY 11:

Maniac (1980)

***1/2 out of *****

Justin101 11th October 2017 03:53 PM

I watched Son of Dracula on Monday which turned out to be a nice mix of Horror and Southern Gothic and apart from Chaney Jr's Dracula with a thick American accent, I really enjoyed it! Great special effects as well!

Last night, after watching the new Blade Runner 2049 I was a bit too worn out for a film so I watch a couple of episodes of The Munsters to keep me in the Halloween spirit!

Herman got a Hot-rod for his birthday when he thought he was getting a new baby :lol: misunderstanding... the bedrock of sitcoms :frank:

trebor8273 11th October 2017 07:27 PM

Two classics tonight.

Nightmare on Elm Street
The Exorcist

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