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Justin101 1st October 2018 06:31 PM

Ugh, I've just realised that it's 1st Oct... I've not planned anything yet, I'll have to think of something in next 30-45 mins though :lol: I've been watching all genre's but horror for a while so it'll be a refreshing change.

Like Treb, I might stick to things I've not seen before this year.

Demoncrat 1st October 2018 06:33 PM

Likes btw!! Was teetering about HOW D .... you've tipped the balance ;)

Demdike@Cult Labs 1st October 2018 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by Demoncrat (Post 589437)

Dogs (1976, Burt Brinckerhoff)
Is this a horror film then? Well ... if you hate the pooches, I suppose it is. David McCallum drinks to forget his haircut. Never mind, as along comes some canines with 'tude problems a gogo. Or they are all Chariots Of Fire fans :lol:.
I prefer this to The Pack, don't ask me why ....
the usual lump of heavily armed muricans swear vengeance on said mutts, satisfyingly they come to a grotty end :laugh:. Why are all hunters in American cinema dicks?? Could it be them thar pesky liberals in Hollywood hate their manliness?? :pound:
Could it just be that they are dicks??

The scene as the dogs charge across the sports field mauling everyone is a hoot.

Demoncrat 1st October 2018 07:09 PM

Indeed. You get the feeling this was to be the 'centrepiece' of the film ... but it's a bit muzzled ... excuse the pun :lol:. Love the ending ... what a pity we didn't get that sequel :laugh: ;)

MrBarlow 1st October 2018 07:10 PM

The Haunting. 1963.

Dr John Markway, invites two women, psychic Theo, timid shy Eleanor, and Luke to Hill House for research into the paranormal.

Based on Shirley Jackson's novel The Haunting of Hill House, which was made 50+ years ago and still entertaining and suspenseful even though it's in black and white does bring the eerie vibe to it.

Unlike the 1998 remake which shows the house is haunted and effects that bring the ghost activity to life, this version does play on the mind, is the house haunted or is it just imagination, when the lights are out is it real or trick of the light.

Richard Johnson takes on the role as Dr Markway a man driven with curiosity to see whether or not Ghosts exist in the house, as well as maintaining calmness within the group. Russ Tamblyn plays luke who wants to inherit the house, but is very sceptical. Claire Bloom stars as the psychic Theo who's gift seems to be mind reading and uses it on those around her. Julie Harris is Eleanor, she played this part well as a social outcast who was dominated by her mother and sister, but is she in a haunted house or different atmosphere that plays on her mind. Robert Wise managed to put fear and suspense in that was the same as the novel, you don't need OTT special effects to create the atmosphere of the film. 10+

Demoncrat 1st October 2018 07:32 PM

Review Mr B. I'm nae watching it this year in order to give another film a chance :lol:
Glad you liked it.

J Harker 1st October 2018 07:49 PM

Last night (slightly early) viewings

The Fog. John Carpenter's masterpiece. An eerie atmospheric corker that simply gets better with each and every viewing.

The Howling. Joe Dantes werewolf movie which sadly does exactly the opposite, and I was never wowed to begin with. I've persisted with this film time and again in an effort to like it but I give up. Last night I didn't even watch to the end. And it's going to cex. Irritating characters and dull dull dull.

Demoncrat 1st October 2018 08:17 PM

... and here's the film I gave a chance to....

Maletesta's Carnival Of Blood (1973)
Woooh mama!!! This one's going into my top 100. Which has about 10000 films in it by now :laugh:
The ST shrieks and woops whilst the visuals burn the retina like no other film I have seen ... from the year anyhow :lol:. It's been a while since I was stumped whilst watching something :lol:
To merely describe this film would cheapen us all. Soar like an eagle or plummet like a turkey? This film does both.:nod:

A camp lunatic runs a carnival that is part asylum, part deathcamp. Cough. Regional US horror films from 70-76 are one of my many passions. This is a real find. Others may just see a load of amateurish twaddle. But they are probably frightened by Faces Of Death :rolleyes:

bleakshaun 1st October 2018 08:34 PM

Dead of Night
A man travels to a farmhouse for a job, and realises he's had a nightmare about the place and the people. As he goes through each character tells a story.
A favourite horror anthology, it still unsettles me. The dummy tale is still a creepy tale and that ending still gives me shivers now.

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trebor8273 1st October 2018 09:06 PM

The Borg queen and the white lightner from charmed are mother and son who move to a new town as well as having sex with each other they are some type of demon / cat monster who feed on the blood of virgins to keep young , the son sets his sites on a girl to feed his dear mother, cats can sense them and as scatch from one can kill them. Enjoyable but for from the best king film, but it's well worth a watch just for the cameos of these famous names.

Stephen King
Clive Barker
Tobe Hooper
John Landis
Joe Dante

Also watch out for Mark Hamill in a uncredited role at the beginning. 6.5/10

highly enjoyable and tense Norwegian slasher. A group of friends go on a skiing holiday , when one of them is injured they find shelter at a abandoned lodge. It's not long before they start becoming victims to a mask killer, the victims are a likable bunch unlike the usual annoying american teens. 7.5/10

Now watching Mausoleum.

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